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An End To The Endless

Latest Q posts! Welcome to the clone show! Who will put an end to the endless? Bluewater Intel! Trump wedding! Who’s invited? Who’s really invited? Who’s alive? Who’s dead? Living with dumbtards! Welcome to Babylon! More from McAllister TV.

The Lost History Of Earth

In the following presentation of The Lost History of Earth, a comprehensive and compelling five-hour compilation of the fake world we’ve experienced for millennia, we are warned not to believe a single word the Satanic controllers have told us. We are reminded the clock is ticking and we don’t have much time to unravel the truth.

EwarAnon, who produced the documentary and is himself an enigma, says flat out that everything we’ve ever learned, everything we’ve ever relied upon to shape our understanding of the realm we temporarily inhabit is now unreliable. He decries the lies and deceptions that have been thrust upon us ever since The Great Reset by the cabalists a century ago. “This was not the first reset, nor will it be the last,” he says.

Among the greatest lies, EwarAnon says, is that the Earth is a spinning, heliocentric globe. Not true, he adds, it is a flat plain with a firmament above it. The sun and moon journey around our realm in concentric circles. The magnificent structures that dot the land are not churches or mosques, or parliament and government buildings, but electromagnetic generators. And all of our maps are a lie.

The final hour of the documentary will blow your mind. EwarAnon reveals the moon is not solid, but some form of photocentric, concentrated plasma. And the images on the moon that we view everyday are actually an x-ray map of one of Earth’s historical moments captured in time. We urge you to watch the video, but as always, conduct your own due diligence and judge for yourself.

Aquino Dead! Dead! Dead!

Michael Aquino, the Satanist creep behind molesting the McMartin preschool children, has died. It was Aquino who founded the Temple of Set, a Luciferian denomination. He was a US military intelligence agent, with close ties to the CIA, and so was never convicted for his heinous and disgusting crimes. He cowrote a book on psyops with Paul E. Vallely and it’s even said he invented the “Flat Earth” psyop that is still widely debated nowadays.

Individuals associated with Aquino are reporting he has “remanifested from his physical body” at the age of 73. It’s unclear exactly when he died, but speculation on REDDIT, beginning June 29, places the death sometime earlier that month. In a nutshell, he’s now dead and can commune with Satan to his heart’s content! It doesn’t matter how he slicks up his eyebrows. He will always be a vile pig.

Here, we bring you a McAllister TV report on Aquino’s death. We follow with a second video she released more than a year ago that revisits the McMartin preschool travesty, which occurred in the 1980s in Manhattan Beach, California — just outside Los Angeles. It was the longest and most expensive criminal trial in American history, running seven years and taking more than $15 million. It led to no convictions whatsoever, although should have put Aquino out of business and hanging from a rope back then.

Scary YouTube Policy Pushed

YouTube is in the process of creating new rules that will ban “creator-on-creator harassment.” YouTube claims this is not a response to the Steven Crowder/Carlos Maza incident in which the Vox host demanded YouTube ban Crowder from their platform for making fun of him, but that’s sure what it looks like.

Though it’s not clear yet just what the new rules will entail, it seems like it could result in bans for many popular debunker channels for responding to or mocking flat earth, Nibiru and many other conspiracy theorists. Says TheQuartering, “Going forward I will avoid directly naming any other channels I might be responding to with my videos, in order to hopefully skirt around the edges of the new rules.”

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Michael Aquino: Mind Wars!

Let’s meet Michael Aquino, Satanist mind-control expert who used his high-powered strings and connections in the US military to rape and molest children at the Presidio Day Care Center. In 1987, the Army announced it was closing the center following allegations that as many as 60 children were molested there.

How did Aquino get away with it? He was protected by Paul E. Vallely, who worked on mind control projects with Aquino and co-wrote a book with him — From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory. Vallely was a U.S. Army major general and went on to become a senior military analyst for Fox News. In realty, both he and Aquino should be horsewhipped.

Here, McAllister SatanTV outlines how these two rolled, getting away with disgusting crimes.  Also in this episode, we get some new Q crumbs, learn a bit about Satanic Ritual Abuse, and see a newspaper article from the 19th century that outlines different astronomical theories about the Earth, whether its flat or round, and how it receives sunlight or falls into darkness.


Oldest Map Found

The Anunnaki map, a Sumerian work on a clay tablet, is believed to be the oldest map ever found. Its age predates the Bible. The question that arises: Does the map drawn on a circle symbolize a round globe or is the depiction showing a flat Earth?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This video has disappeared off YouTube. In its absence, we present another video discussing the ancient Sumerians and their gods: the Annunaki.)

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Common Physics Misconceptions

What if you thought the earth was flat? And then you found out it isn’t? More from MinutePhysics.

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Flat Earthers Take Aim at NASA

Conspiracy theorists organized under the banner of the Flat Earth Society have targeted NASA, charging the space agency uses fake and altered images to support the idea that Earth is round. The society believes our planet more closely resembles a thin wafer, with the frozen ice packs of Antarctica stretching along the Earth’s outer limits to keep the oceans from draining off. ¬†Formed in 1956, the society is small — fewer than 1,000 members — but global in scope. Its most-famous member: The British musician Thomas Dolby (“She Blinded Me With Science”). H/T SourceFed

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