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Is Gen. Michael Flynn Q?

Some recent cryptic tweets and proclamations from Gen. Michael Flynn has Christian Patriot News thinking Q.

Flynn’s latest tweet is especially astounding. He said: “Coming to a theater near you, first Az, then MI, then, then, then…” The movie theme, says Christian Patriot News, is one that you will find prevalent throughout the  Q drops. Flynn has also consistently proclaimed that the one thing more important than our freedom, is our faith, another phrase with the exact same verbiage  found in Q posts.

So the burning question: Is Michael Flynn Q? “I believe our favorite president (Trump) is Q+ and I believe that Gen. Michael Flynn is part of the Q team,” says Christian Patriot News. “Some people will argue that Michael Flynn is Q himself. That’s a debate that we could have.” Here’s more from Christian Patriot News.

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