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Election Case Freaks Out Left

Truth And Art TV’s Bernie Suarez reports that the left is already freaking out over a crucial election case that has reached the Supreme Court.

Suarez says oral arguments are under way in Moore vs. Harper, a North Carolina case about who has the power to write election laws, a precedent that will have huge consequences in many areas, such as adopting voter ID to redistricting.  Suarez explains further (beginning at :44:50), plus discusses the announcement that the DOJ  is now investigating FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and how the CDC used a backchannel with Twitter to control the Covid-19 narrative and more

Was Alley’s Death A Sacrifice?

Was the premature death of iconic actor Kirstie Alley a ritual, Satanic sacrifice? Blogger Joseph Acquaviva thinks so and points to the numerological system called gematria to prove his point.

Not coincidentally, Alley, who starred in the wildly popular “Cheers” series, drew the wrath of the Hollywood left earlier this year when she threatened to expose their disgusting and Satanic behavior, which affected her ability to get work. Acquaviva says he has no doubt her death was a Satanic sacrifice and confirmed the truth is all in the numbers. Here’s his report.

And true to their sick and demented colors, the left celebrated Alley’s death, simply because she leaned conservative and voted for President Trump. What else would you expect from these despicable, brainless morons?

10 Days Of Darkness

Christian Patriot News brings us an impossible five-year delta from the Q posts, digs into the intel exploding from the Twitter Files and speculates whether the 10 days of darkness and false-flag blackouts will come to fruition. Here’s his report.

Juan O. Savin–SCOTUS Kill Shot

Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that should the Supreme Court decide Congress was derelict in its Constitutional duty when certifying the 2020 election, we will have an unprecedented mess on our hands!

The case before the court, says Savin, will determine  whether Congress reviewed the claims of foreign interference–which it didn’t–as spelled out in the Constitution. “This particular action is not a criminal action,” he says. “All it does is decide whether these people, based on their actions, can legally hold office.” He added that if SCOTUS finds they violated their oath, nobody goes to jail, or Gitmo. All it does is find they’re unfit for office and banned from ever holding public office again.

That would apply, of course, to the Democrat Party’s 388 majority in the House and Senate. The next phase? With the Democrat majority now powerless, Savin says Donald J. Trump would immediately be recognized as the continuing president, because the 2020 election is nullified. No need to be sworn in again, because technically, he never left office. He never conceded the election. Savin unravels the details, plus updates a stunning turn of events in the Arizona midterm elections.

Juan O. Savin: SCOTUS Review

Juan O. Savin says the case regarding foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election has landed on the Supreme Court docket.

Savin tells Mike Jaco that contrary to rumors, the case was not placed on an “emergency docket,” but is part of the regular caseload for potential review. The case stipulates that because Congress didn’t take 10 days to review the information concerning foreign interference or manipulation of the 2020 election, they violated the Constitution and their oath of office from protecting the American public from enemies foreign and domestic.

Savin explains further and also gives his take on the FTX crypto scandal, plus more.

Is Special Counsel Another Shill?

Is the DOJ’s newly appointed Special Counsel just another Deep State shill? ACLJ’s Jay Sekulow reports that Jack Smith, recently appointed to the post by Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate President Trump, has a history has a history of targeting conservatives.

Smith is tasked with probing into the unlawful retention of national defense information at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and overseeing the investigation into whether Trump or other officials and entities interfered with the peaceful transfer of power following the 2020 presidential election. Here’s Sekulow’s analysis.

Ivanka Says No More Politics

There was no conspiratorial reason for Ivanka Trump’s absence at her father’s presidential announcement. In a somewhat stunning reveal, she told The Daily Wire that she is through with politics!

Next News’ Network’s Gary Franchi also cited the body of vicious attacks leveled at Ivanka and the entire Trump family since the 2016 election, most of it coming from the rotten, corrupt mainstream media. Here’s more, including Franchi’s final thought.

J.D. Vance: Trump Not To Blame

U.S. Senator-elect J.D. Vance is setting the record straight on blame for the GOP’s lackluster performance in last week’s midterm elections.

Vance, who will be sworn in as the junior senator from Ohio, told The Daily Caller that structural problems in the voting process were to blame for the dismal showing, not President Trump, as the mainstream media and Rinos suggest. He explains in this episode of Next News Network.

Lara Logan: The Enemy Within

David “Nino” Rodriguez welcomes investigative journalist Lara Logan to discuss the most pressing issues facing America, following the midterm elections.

Logan says the corrupt mainstream media has hijacked free thought and we are now in a freefall. “The enemy is within and it’s coming for every single one of us,” she says. She explains further, plus gives her take on the stolen midterms, the relationship between President Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis and whether Trump’s much-anticipated speech earlier this week was really a sincere announcement for the presidency. Video courtesy of Team Global.

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