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A Trump, JFK Jr. Siting?

Freedom Force Battalion reports that several cryptic Twitter and Facebook posts from Dan Scavino, and an equally mysterious eight-minute video by roving D.C. reporter Nancy Drew of people streaming out of the U.S. Capitol and presumably proceeding down Pennsylvania Avenue in a motorcade has many onlookers scratching their heads.

Drew, of Truth and Freedom Videos, stumbled upon the motorcade, which shockingly includes “The Beast,” the presidential limousine reserved only for the President of the United States. At about the five- to six-minute mark of the clip, you can hear an announcement that says: “Hold traffic on the avenue, President Trump and Kennedy released.”

According to Freedom Force’s Melissa Redpill, “It makes you wonder, who is this? Is is Bobby Kennedy (Jr.), (Senator) John Kennedy from Louisiana or is is JFK Jr.? If you’re new, you may not have heard that JFK Jr. is very much alive. That may sound like the craziest conspiracy theory, but we have clear indications that he was under witness protection because they tried to kill him.”

Here’s Melissa Redpill with more, including portions of the video, and, as always, use your own discretion.

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