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The Storm Is Coming

There’s massive and growing support for former President Donald Trump. Comedian Jim Breuer unleashed, lampooning the leftist, anti-Trump holdouts.

Hillary Clinton became violent. She was not supposed to lose.

We’re in a spiritual battle. It’s going to be Biblical. The Heavens are shaking.

Scorpions jamming mission. Pray! Here’s more from And We Know.


Things Are Moving Faster Now!

Trump massive comms! Tucker Carlson unloads! Elon + Godfather! Things are moving! Pray! More from And We Know.

Next Up: “Eliminate” Trump

The [Deep State] is panicking. They don’t know how to stop Trump.

[Dan Goldman, a U.S. House Representative from New York] brought up the idea of eliminating Trump. They know they have lost the narrative and the people are seeing the truth. The more the people see, the more pain the [Deep State] receives.

In the end, Trump wants the people to make the final decision. In the final battle, the people need to see the truth. The military will most likely be brought into the fold as the country approaches WWIII to protect the elections. More from the X22 Report.

J6 Narrative Now Imploding

The [Deep State] narrative for J6 and election rigging is now falling apart. Everything they are doing to Trump will boomerang on them.

Since all the evidence is being released and there is more on the way, the [Deep State] is now using a funeral to keep the people busy.

Scavino released two dog vids. Are there going to be two funerals? Trump has opened the door of all doors. The people are going to see how they overthrew the US government. Game over. More from the X22 Report.

Change Of Batter Coming

The patriots needed to show the people the truth. And the only way to do this was to have them experience the plan of the [Deep State].

As the people walk through it, more and more are waking up. The final battle is around the corner.

Trump will protect the vote. He is talking about paper ballots with watermarks. Scavino sends a message that at dawn, the people and Trump win. Trump sends a message: The Trump card is coming. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Is Hillary Clinton ‘Gone Now’?

Has Hillary Rodham Clinton been “removed” for her crimes against children and humanity at large? Former President Donald Trump eludes as much.

During a press conference, he says, she’s “sorta gone now.” That’s among the many topics addressed in this latest video from And We Know.

Also in this edition: Military veterans are honored. Trump is set to testify at the sham New York City trial orchestrated by Peekaboo Letitia James, New York’s corrupt attorney general.

Truth to power. Will Trump also work to release the January 6th tapes? It’s high time we see full public exposure, not the censored malarkey kicked around the block by the fake news outlets.

Divisions, Distractions, War

The [Deep State] is now pushing everything they have. They want the people divided. They want a distraction and they are pushing red lines.

They have told Iran do not try anything. This is the same tactic that they always use when they want war.

Trump is pushing peace and the people will have to make a decision in the end. Do they want peace or war.

Scavino drops a message. The approach looks good. Soon, we will call the ball. More from the X22 Report.

All Will Be Revealed

We are here to unite and provide truth. That’s how Ann We Know opens their latest video, dealing largely with Mossad and Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein kept cameras and microphones inside every single room in every mansion, guest house and resort he ran, from Santa Fe to the U.S. Virgin Islands. He was capturing blackmail material from his guests. Material he could use to extort them, material he could use to make millions of dollars in blood money.

As we approach the precipice, who is trying to provoke war? Who is agitating one side against another? What are the coverups taking place? Who is pushing fear?

How Do You Sneak One In?

The patriots are bringing the [Deep State] to exactly where they want them to be for the 2024 election. Biden is finished. It’s only a matter of time.

There is now an opening in California for a temporary Senator. Who are they going to choose to fill the slot? Is this how they are going to try to sneak one in, because Biden will be removed in the end?

Dan Scavino sends a message. The first marker verifies the direction. The military is the only way forward.  More from the X22 Report.

Time For Paxton To Get Busy

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was acquitted of 16 charges in his state impeachment trial, a bitter defeat for the Deep State.

Dan Radiostyle reports that the tables are now turned and it’s time for Paxton to get extra busy. “It’s a bad day to be a Deep State piece of crud,” he says. Radiostyle gets into the juicy details, plus also discusses Dan Scavino’s meme on “don’t trust everything you see,” Russell Brand’s mainstream median rant and the Biden Administration’s shaky investments in China, and more.


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