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The Five Slams Cuomo

The stunning resignation of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is drawing reaction from across the country, including members of “The Five,” on Fox News.

Longtime member, Greg Gutfeld, was seemingly the most vocal on the panel. “Honestly, we never thought this much of him as this was happening,” Gutfeld said. “But, it was everybody else. It was the CNNs, The View and the late-night crapfest who were creating this myth out of this creep. And, what happens is, when the press creates this monster, the flaws become more visible.”

In spite of the resignation, Cuomo isn’t completely out of the woods just yet. He’s still facing investigations into how he handled the nursing home scandal and his pandemic book, plus New York prosecutors are pursuing criminal charges over sexual harassment allegations. Here’s more from “The Five,” including a brief reaction clip from President Biden.

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