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Juan O. Savin On Steele’s Death

Juan O. Savin joins filmmaker and blogger Sean Stone to discuss the final hours of Robert David Steele, who died over the weekend in a Florida hospital. Savin dismisses the chatter that something sinister happened to Steele, who was struggling with bronchitis and an oxygen deficiency.

Savin, who says he “had people” at the hospital, received a call from Steele confirming that he was turning for the worse. Steele subsequently recorded a statement with a confidant who was speaking on his behalf, authorizing him to take care of any medical issues if he was unable to handle them himself. Steele also gave specific instructions that he did not want a tracheal intubation, the process of inserting a tube down your throat to help you breathe. He also insisted on being treated with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. When medical personnel told Steele he needed to be intubated, he became borderline combatant. “Under CDC protocols, if you become unruly, you can be sedated,” Savin says. “He was determined to be combatant and was given a mild sedative of fentanyl. Then a decision was made with a family member to go ahead and intubate him.”

Despite Steele’s passing, his voice will be prominent in days and years to come with the release of  the new docu-series Best Kept Secret, which he produced in conjunction with Stone, and the upcoming documentary Masters of Illusion, a revelation of the treason and corruption on Wall Street. Here’s more of the Savin interview, in which he also  gives us an update on the turmoil we should expect in the coming months.

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