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A Day At The Beach

Time travel back a full century for a day out at the beach c. 1921 in Holland. We love this 100-year-old film, where we see normal working class people having fun. When it came to swimming at the beach, social attitudes were still quite conservative in the early 1920s.

As in the two previous decades, women used mobile beach huts to change into their bathing suits in privacy. The hut would then be rolled down to the waters’ edge for a secluded dip in the water.

The film begins with holiday makers arriving by train and ferry to the famous Hook of Holland. It’s fascinating to see how some folks literally set up ‘camp’ on the beaches, digging trenches and hoisting tents! The two girls rinsing the sand from their feet is particularly charming.

By the end of the ‘Roaring Twenties,’ the bathing suit had evolved into more shapely, body-hugging swimsuits for women and swimming trunks for the men. Filmed on the strands near the Hoek van Holland, purportedly in January 1923 according to a publish date. However, based on the styles, we think this was more likely made in 1921 or 1922 at the latest. More from Glamourdaze.


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