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Ukraine Weapon Trafficking

Weapons marked for the Ukraine are instead being diverted around the world as the CIA attempts to foment trouble.

Here, Michael Jaco, a former CIA officer, explains how bad hats within the agency have been playing dirty games. A plane that crashed in Serbia apparently was carrying weapons that the CIA wanted to use in Bangladesh. Why Bangladesh?

Does this have anything to do with India no longer using American dollars but instead going along with Russia and China? What about Sri Lanka? Did the CIA instigate that dustup as well? Jaco discusses the various options with Nicholas Veniamin.

The Worldwide Revolt is really picking up steam and spreading like wildfire around the world. Canada’s Farmers are preparing themselves as we speak, uniting with truckers and patriots. They’re getting ready for the FINAL STAND.

The covid slave mask’s true purpose is far more sinister than most people know. Watch to learn the true effect that wearing a mask for 2-years will most certainly have. It’s insidious, and the consequences of mask wearing are now starting to become evident. More from the SonOfEnos.

Poisoning Our Food Supply

Josh Sigurdson reports the push to usher in the Great Reset is in full throttle, as the dark side moves to replace the food supply with bugs and bioweapons.

He says the Canadian government has already invested $8.5 million into bug farms and factories to replace food, basically poising the supply chain. Meanwhile, many laboratories are working overtime to create mRNA induced fruits and vegetables. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

The Unthinkable

Yet, the true story of Joost Knevel. Story by Cyntha Koeter and vocals by Janet Ossebaard. More from Fall of the Cabal.

The Big Ugly

The BIG UGLY is rapidly approaching. Get your paradigm in place and locked down…More from Clif High.

Time To Restore Rule Of Law

The [Deep State] have no place they can hide. The panic is real. Twitter deals goes south and now Twitter is in trouble. The New York Times begins the process to remove Biden. Right on schedule. How do you sneak one in?

Trump says it’s time to restore the rule of law. Scare event coming. Trust the plan. Trust the military. The [Deep State]/Puppet masters are going to try to start a war. The fake news will build this up. People will think this is where we are headed.

What other former President stepped in and avoided a war? Did this set a precedent? Dan Scavino sends message. Honeypots exposed. More from the X22 Report.

A Hot July Turns Hotter!

In the Netherlands, a fire broke out Sunday night in the Almelo district, destroying the Picnic building. Owned by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates’ Foundation, the Picnic building served as a distribution hub for Gates’ “fake meat.” It would be delivered to individual customers in small electric cars. No word yet on how the fire started.


Farmers Revolt In Netherlands

The Netherlands erupts. The Liberal World Order has seen better days. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Space Weapons Vs. Guidestones

Were the Georgia Guidestones destroyed by a directed energy weapon? In other words, was the blast that took the capstone down fired from outer space? More from JustInformed Talk.

A mysterious explosion has taken out the Georgia Guidestones and after completing my video they were fully demolished! What are they trying to cover up??? More from RedPill78.


Amazon Raises The Dead

This week on the New World Next Week: The increasingly inaccurately named North Atlantic Treaty Organization sets its sights on the Asia-Pacific; the Dutch government cracks down on farming and farmers’ protests; and Amazon demonstrates creepy dead grandma voice technology on Alexa. More from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.


Farmers Riot In Netherlands

In perhaps a precursor for the United States, farmers are rioting in the Netherlands, after government quashed their ability to provide sustainability for the food supply chain.

Josh Sigurdson reports that Holland’s Bilderberg Prime Minister Rutte, who loves technocracy, has pushed forward insane agendas that aim to eliminate a third of all farms in the country, or 50,000 farms to be exact. Could this be heading our way? Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

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