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Are We In World Of Lies?

Incessant lies in our world have steered us so far away from normal society, according to the Academy of Ideas. This misinformation not only affects a few, but infiltrates and infects every corner of society, transforming reality into fiction. In Nazi Germany, it was the idea of a superior race and unclean people. In the Soviet Union, it was that all communism could work and all would be made equal.

“Does this sound familiar to you guys,” says PragerU’s Amala Ekpunobi. “It’s a little scary to hear things of this reference and to  think about how it’s not unique to these areas. It’s not unique to the Soviet Union, it’s not unique to Nazi Germany. This is part of the human condition.” In the following edition of PragerU, Ekpunobi warns of the parallels in the Academy of Ideas video and what’s happening today, and the looming consequences we face.

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