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The End Of Private Cars?

There is a war on cars, not just in Scotland, but in America, too. Regulators want people out of their private cars and onto trains, buses and bicycles. Why? Regulators say it’s to reduce emissions in the fight against climate change. But it’s really because of what cars represent—freedom.

Appearing on PragerU, auto expert Lauren Fix says their solution to  produce more electric cars is a lose-lose for consumers and the environment. She says consumers lose because a recent study revealed that electric cars cost considerably more to operate over their lifetime than gasoline-powered cars. The environment loses because electric cars produce three times the toxic pollution than gas-powered ones. Here’s more.

Why Atheists Want Us In Church

A recent PragerU post revealed that even atheists believe a lot of our social problems would be solved if more people were religiously active. Dennis Prager gives his thoughts and argues that anything worthwhile, including faith, requires hard work. He then answers your questions about classical music, life after kids, and why celebrities are unhappy.

Multi-Trillion Dollar Pipe Dream

Are we heading toward an all-renewable energy future, spearheaded by wind and solar? Or are those energy sources wholly inadequate for the task? Mark Mills, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of The Cloud Revolution, compares the energy dream to the energy reality in this episode of PragerU.

Real-Life Supervillians

PragueU’s Amala Ekpunobi and Taylor Trandahl give their take on the real-life supervillains, aka the World Economic Forum (WEC), Klaus Schwab, the corporations and, of course, The Great Reset. They lay out the facts, what the WEC stands for and let you decide whether it is a force for good or evil in the world.

Homelessness: Reality, Solutions

America has a homelessness crisis and it’s getting worse by the day. Politicians promise to stop it. Cities like San Francisco spend millions trying to end it, but nothing seems to help. In the following short documentary, PragerU  reveals the root causes of homelessness and offers compassionate, effective solutions that we can all get behind.


Oppression In America

The left claims to speak on behalf of groups in America they label as oppressed or marginalized–even when those groups reject the left’s representations. In this episode of “Fireside Chat,” on PragerU, Dennis Prager discusses the issue and offers three contemporary examples: The Washington Redskins, Latinx and “racist” voting laws. Here’s his report..

The Devastation Of Trafficking

In a different twist to this week’s “Fireside Chat” on PragerU, Dennis Prager sits down with Tim Ballard, founder and president of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), an organization that has freed countless victims of human trafficking and exploitation. You’ll want to hear his stories, the scope of the crisis and reasons to be hopeful. Here’s the interview.

Intelligent Design, Science & God

Chances are if you’ve heard anything about intelligent design, you’ve heard that it’s faith-based, not science-based. Is that true? Or does modern science, in fact, point us in the direction of a designing intelligence? Stephen Meyer, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, explains in this edition of PragerU.


Fear A Serious Problem

There’s no doubt fear can be a serious problem. Dennis Prager delves into this perplexing emotion, explaining why some people are gripped with it and others are not.

In this episode of PragerU, Prager answers how we can become less fearful, the difference between a courageous person and a non-courageous person and how is fear is used for evil.

Healthcare Not A Right

America is a sick country and getting sicker by the moment. So, is it any wonder that healthcare costs continue to surge out of control, outpacing every other sector of the economy.

Dr. Marty Makary, director of surgery and health policy at Johns Hopkins University, says 17 cents of every dollar spent in the U.S. goes to healthcare, which is one-sixth of all spending. Additionally, 48 percent of federal spending is healthcare related and, as of 2018, healthcare became the biggest business in the country.

So where do we go from here? In a healthcare video marathon, Dr. Makary and some of his colleagues examine America’s health problems, the costs and the role insurance plays. And they also dissect the big question: Single-payer or government-run healthcare? Here’s the video from PragerU.

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