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Daylight Debunks The Globe

Eric Dubay, former university professor and head of the International Flat Earth Research Society, presents his theory on why daylight debunks Earth as a spinning globe. He says one simple and definitive proof that you are not living on a spinning ball orbiting around the sun, is the fact that daytime and nighttime never switch places, as they must for the heliocentric model to be true.

He says, according to the globe doctrine, Earth makes one complete rotation on its axis every 24 hours, while simultaneously orbiting around the sun and completing one full revolution every 365 days. If this was truly happening, however, the daytime and nighttime sides of the globe would have to flip every six months. Dubay offers more technical details, including the difference between solar and sidereal days and their importance to the conversation. As always, do your own research and judge the material for yourself.


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