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Dems Will Profit From Oil Spill

It appears the wily and corrupt Biden Administration and its cronies are going to profit handsomely from the recent oil spill off the coast of Southern California. The likely source of the spill was a ruptured pipeline at sea bottom that sent 144,000 gallons of oil into the Pacific Ocean.

Riss Flex reports the Biden Administration is now proposing to literally shut down all pipelines in the area, calling it the best solution. “You can’t help but wonder how convenient this is to shut out all competitors to the Biden Administration’s Enbridge Pipeline, which they all hold stock in,” Flex says. She says that if you study the Enbridge infrastructure across the country, it expands across the heartland, the south and east, “All we have now is for the West Coast to be begging for Joe Biden’s pipes.” Here’s more on the story with Flex.

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