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Technology Foretold Awakening

The following video, recorded more than a decade ago, makes even more sense today as we witness certain events unfold across the planet. It revolves around Stargates and Looking Glass, top-secret technologies that predicted the Great Awakening.

The video describes how a problem arose between the technologies in 2012, where their timelines converged and were pushed into a bottleneck. To put it bluntly, the choices that were made at the end of 2012 became less consequential to the future. The grim reality for the elites, who had access to all the information about the Looking Glass–mostly for sinister reasons–was that the game was over. No matter how they tried to reach their desired reaction, they were going to get an opposite effect.

The narrator says it all points to an awakening. “Eventually it all revolves down to us learning the truth and becoming aware of this massive dam of lies that has been built.” Here’s the video, courtesy of Xanadrewx.


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