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Biden: “Food Shortages Real”

Bread and circuses keep the masses asleep…and they are taking away the bread. As Joe Biden announces food shortages are coming — prompting many to go stock up, and likely necessitating food rationing — two massive attacks are being perpetrated against our food supply:

A “bird flu” epidemic is sweeping Europe and the US, again fueled by PCR tests, forcing mass depopulation of poultry and “backyard flocks.” And farms contaminated with PFAS are being shut down as it is finally revealed that the “Biosludge” applied to farms (including organic!) was the equivalent of salting the Earth to destroy food production.

In this Ice Age Farmer broadcast, Christian Westbrook breaks it down and explores what is going to happen next: A great awakening. More from the Ice Age Farmer.

Fox News host reacts to the president saying food shortages will be real on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight. This is a direct consequence of having a traitor like Joe Biden occupying the White House. He is allowing food exports to continue to skyrocket to Communist China, all while the specter of widespread hunger and food shortages spreads across the United States. Not exactly a compassionate or an adroit president, just a flea-bitten tinhorn and a crook.


Juan O Savin: We’re Winning

Juan O. Savin says payback is coming for the traitors who are trying so hard to dismantle our country from the inside out. He says, as much as the internet is broken, as much as there’s not honest communication coming from various places, the truth continues to creep out, a little bit at a time.

“It’s a near-death experience for America, not a death experience,” Savin says on how the final stages of the Great Awakening will play out. “It’s coming unraveled in ways they can’t seal up all the holes and their mischief. The bad guys are going to get burned up and thrown in the ashes of history.” Here’s more with Savin on the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast.

People Waking Up Worldwide

Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter, the Dutch researchers behind The Fall Of The Cabal series, say they have never seen so many people around the world all waking up and beginning to challenge the New World Order. Ossebaard and Koeter talk about the series and the changing global environment with Nicholas Veniamin.

“Since the beginning, when we started these documentaries, we got a lot of mail, the same as you, and we’ve seen a shift in the commentaries,” says Koeter. “You see the people change, they are starting to do their own research and I think that’s so great, people are asking more intelligent questions.”

“People are waking up — big time,” says Ossebaard.

The Mainstream Media Is Dead

The [Deep State] is trapped in everything they were trying to do to Trump. It has all turned on them and the people are awake. The trucker protests is so large that Justin Trudeau is panicking. The mainstream media is now dead. They have lost the narrative and they do not control the masses anymore. The tide has turned. The offensive is ready. The [Deep State] is preparing to create chaos and they are building the narrative. The world will not listen. The people are silent no more. More from the X22 Report.

Be Ready To Fight!

Llisten carefully! Be ready to fight! Canada, Australia, the United States and Europe…A worldwide awakening is taking place. More from And We Know.

What’s Next Shoe To Drop?

What will be the next big shoe to drop in the ongoing saga of The Great Awakening/Great Reset? Patriot Underground unfolds his personal playbook on what he’s seen happen up to this point and what he expects to come about.

The big question, he surmises, is what could possibly trigger the Emergency Broadcast System, which has been discussed extensively in alternative media. The most likely suspect are massive riots, he says, which may well trigger alliance nations throughout the world to impose martial law. Here’s his situation update and thoughts on the big picture.


Ten Moves Ahead!

The [Deep State] has evil death camps planned, yet their system if lies and deceit is crumbling! People across the world are mobilizing to stop the phony covid mandates. Now, it’s time to take down the corrupt global leaders who have been conspiring to steal our freedoms and our liberties. We can never again allow dictators and tyrants to abuse us. Pray! More from And We Know.

In this episode, we discuss the dangerous repercussions associated with a mass awakening on the LEFT to the failed policies and ideologies of their ‘infallible’ leaders. Also, recent analysis seems to suggest Joe Biden is engaging in discriminatory hiring practices as he seeks to fill the upcoming seat on the Supreme Court. The Canadian PM hides in his bunker as massive convoy of truckers heads to nation’s capital for anti-covid restriction protest. More from JustInformed Talk.


Last Of The Flaming Jabs!

United Kingdom is free, as Boris Johnson ends the vaxx mandates! Is the Great Awakening approaching? Will we see 10 days of darkness beforehand? National Guard has been activated. The white House is behind a reinforced wall. Pray! More from And We Know.

In a new study from the CDC, one of many new studies, scientists have found that your natural immune response is better protection from Covid than the jab. More from RedPill78.

In-Your-Face Changes Looming

Simon Parkes says Jan. 19-20 are two key dates in the Great Awakening and forewarns patriots to prepare for some “in-your-face” changes. He says to look for changes in policy and in leadership. “If we don’t get this in the next two weeks, something has gone seriously wrong,” he says.

Parkes says his intel tells him the Ukraine and Baltic states will be transferred to Russia without the threat of nuclear war and that the Deep State is not yet destroyed. He warns about looming false flags, which he believes the Alliance will quell. Here’s his report.

[Deep State] Evil Exposed

The [Deep State] is now trapped. Everything they have done to Trump has now turned on them. The [Deep State] has now exposed their evil plan to the American people. They have been trying to remove free speech, freedom of press, privacy, the right to not be searched, the right to defend one self, the right to carry arms, basically the U.S. Constitution.

All of this has failed because the people see it all. They see the evil plan. This is not about R v D, or race, politics. This is about preserving our way of life, and protecting the generations that follow. The people are learning how to fight for freedom again. The [Deep State] is panicking over the public that is now thinking for themselves. More from the X22 Report.

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