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Is Trump Back In White House?

Real News’ Mike Bara says multiple sources report that President Trump has visited the White House several times since inauguration day earlier this year.

Bara says Simon Parkes reported in his recent blog that Trump has been seen at the White House at least three times and was scheduled for a visit Wednesday. Meanwhile, fellow blogger Jennifer Fallaw-Doering says Trump has been back-and-forth to the White House on multiple occasions. “We have Jen and Simon reporting the same thing–two completely different sources,” Bara says. “And I guarantee Jen and Simon don’t know each other.”

Add to that a cryptic audio clip of citizen journalist Nancy Drew reporting unusual activity in D.C., including what appears to be a presidential motorcade on its way to the Eisenhower Building, adjacent to the White House. Strange, since President Biden is out of town.  So what’s going on? “I think it’s one of two things,” Bara says. “I think it’s Kamala Harris sneaking into the White House to take over, or it could be President Trump–The Return of the King.”

Here’s more with Bara and fellow blogger Blake Walley, who also discuss Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s take on government overreach and Colin Kaepernick’s charge that NFL training camps are akin to slavery.

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