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What A True Friend Does

When pond scum smear you.

Here, Mr. Reagan defends his friend, Sebastian Gorka, attacked viciously by the Lincoln Project in the run-up to the Virginia gubernatorial race. The Lincoln Project, like their Leftist allies, perpetrate outlandish false flags. These hit-or-miss operations are so flagrant they could never pass complete muster, but they aren’t really meant to be believed. They are done merely to provoke backlash and stir up uncertainty for a few hours, or days, to benefit Democratic cretins like Terry McAuliffe.

Needless to say, these Deep State troublemakers have no business invoking the name of Honest Abe Lincoln. They are lying peabrains, a few of whom have committed truly heinous crimes, up to and including pedophilia.  Hopefully, after their tiki torch blowup in Virginia, these asswipes won’t be seen again anytime soon.

Just to be on the safe side, though, we’re rolling Mr. Reagan’s video. Heed his words and remain on the lookout in case you ever bump into one of these clowns.

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