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Don’t Skate On Me

The Kenosha Kid Walks! “Hey, kid! You can’t just kill people! That’s the government’s job!” More in a righteous rant from RazorFist.

The left is melting down, but sometimes, within their words, you can hear the truth….More from RedPill78.

Rittenhouse, Durham, Virginia! Justice is on our side! Propaganda and lies belong to the Democrats, weapons in their war machine. Pay attention to the slow drips! Pray! More from And We Know.

Dems Can’t Live Without Trump

After his victory speech in the recall election, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said, “The recall may have been defeated, but Trumpism has not been.” And when the Republican Glenn Youngkin unexpectedly won the gubernatorial race in New Jersey, CNN’s Van Jones said, “When this election is over in Virginia, we know we will have seen the emergence of the Delta variant of Trumpism.”

In other words, these snarky Democrats just can’t live without Donald J. Trump. “It truly is media schizophrenia,” says Larry Elder. “They love the ratings they get when they cover him, but they hate the fact that all the free publicity they gave him before his election got him elected.” Elder added that the Democrats would be foolhardy to run on their record, so it’s all about Trump. Here’s more from Elder on Epoch Times.

Biden Blunder Spills The Beans

President Biden unsuspectingly let the cat out of the bag at a recent presser, revealing his granddaughter works for former Democrat Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. Riss Flex says she learned from a White House correspondent that the granddaughter is not employed by Bloomberg’s news component, but his philanthropic endeavor, Bloomberg Philanthropies.

But don’t be fooled, Flex says. Through the nonprofit, Bloomberg finances programs at Harvard University to groom rising political stars aligned with Democrat Party views of the future. “Everything about the Bloomberg philanthropy is political,” Flex says. She digs more into the story and also gives her take on the stunning election results earlier this week.

What A True Friend Does

When pond scum smear you.

Here, Mr. Reagan defends his friend, Sebastian Gorka, attacked viciously by the Lincoln Project in the run-up to the Virginia gubernatorial race. The Lincoln Project, like their Leftist allies, perpetrate outlandish false flags. These hit-or-miss operations are so flagrant they could never pass complete muster, but they aren’t really meant to be believed. They are done merely to provoke backlash and stir up uncertainty for a few hours, or days, to benefit Democratic cretins like Terry McAuliffe.

Needless to say, these Deep State troublemakers have no business invoking the name of Honest Abe Lincoln. They are lying peabrains, a few of whom have committed truly heinous crimes, up to and including pedophilia.  Hopefully, after their tiki torch blowup in Virginia, these asswipes won’t be seen again anytime soon.

Just to be on the safe side, though, we’re rolling Mr. Reagan’s video. Heed his words and remain on the lookout in case you ever bump into one of these clowns.

MSNBC’S Dumbest Idea Ever?

MSNBC is banging the drum again, arguing that it was white supremacy that defeated the Democrats this week in Virginia. Never mind that Republicans elected the first black woman, Winsome Sears, as the state’s next Lt. Governor!

The voters didn’t elect who MSNBC wanted as governor, so that network berates them. Maybe it’s time MSNBC went back to reporting the news, rather than telling us how to vote! More from Mark Dice.

He Wasn’t Supposed To Win

Looks like Joe Biden didn’t do his job. He forgot to line up the fake ballots needed to push Virginia Democratic contender Terry McAuliffe into office. Now, the Mama Bear, Nancy Pelosi, is pissed! More from The United Spot.


[Deep State] Has No Chance

The [Deep State] is panicking. A red wave just hit and they are scrambling. The people are not behind. They are having a difficult time cheating and they lost a key state, Virginia. Trump has just moved another chess piece and the game is being played out. We are now seeing resignations and soon we will other politicians decide to not run in the next election. The people are taking back the power. They are remembering how to play the game. The elections fraud is being exposed and the fake news/Big Tech companies are next. More from the X22 Report.


Va is FUBAR for the DNC

The Trump Curse is still very real, my friends. More from RazorFist.

Winsome Sears, first black female Lt. Gov., gives her fiery acceptance speech in Virginia. More from the Resistance Chicks.

The Leftist media was left in shock after the major Republican victory. Apparently, white voters got tired of Democrats calling them racists. Maybe now they will be forced to moderate their tired socialism. Don’t bet on it! Democrats are dumb as rocks! More from Mark Dice.

Americans Say No To Joe!

Shocking NBC poll suggests sweeping conservative victories lay ahead, starting with the governor’s race in Virginia and worldwide fight for freedom. More from Lori Colley.

Tuesday’s election results look to be “a bloodbath,” favoring the Republicans. Those are the words that election analyst Larry Sabato used to describe the election in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. The GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin claimed a substantial lead in Virginia and the Republican, Jack Ciattarelli, held a narrow lead as well in New Jersey.

Of course, this was around 11 pm Tuesday night, well ahead of the 3 am time slot when the Democrats always produce their “dead voter” graveyard results.

So no telling, if the Republicans will actually win, or be narrowly defeated by the skanky Democrats. Let’s hope the Republican numbers are substantial enough that the Democrats can’t begin to cheat to compensate.

No one likes cheaters, especially cheaters who are only capable of filling their pants full of crap. More from Ovation Eddie.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: NBC, ABC and CNN all called Youngkin the winner in Virginia shortly after midnight. No final determination was made yet in the New Jersey race.)


Here, Ramzpaul explores the possible significance of the election results. His take, in a nutshell: No one approves of Joe Biden or the Socialist Democrats. They can cheat to win a few elections here and there, but they do not at all have the backing of the American people.


Pelosi Method: Insider Trades

Today, we examine a fool proof method to beat the market: Insider trading, as routinely done by Nancy Pelosi. Also on tap: An update on Lt. Col. Stu Scheller’s charges and the efforts of the dirty Democrats to cheat once again in Virginia. More from RedPill78.

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