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How Trump Won In 2020

Obama’s birthday is coming up, Seth Keshel confirms Trump, in fact, won. He says 8 million fraudulent votes gave the White House to Joe Biden, but that Trump actually carried seven additional states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Minnesota. Here we get the real breakdowns, state by state. More from RedPill78, who calls for forensic audits in the majority, if not all, states.

Here is The Gateway Pundit’s article on Seth Keshel’s findings. Follow this link if you are interested in seeing how many fraudulent votes were cast in your state, and also which regions of your state most likely produced fraudulent numbers.

JustInformed Talk also addresses Seth Keshel’s findings regarding the widespread fraud that transpired in the 2020 Presidential election. How did the 8 million votes arise? Sometimes voters cast ballots in multiple places. Sometimes the same ballots were counted more than once.

The official election results gave Biden 306 electoral votes and Trump 232. In actuality, Trump won by 321 electoral votes to 216 for the phony Joe Biden. Trump’s numbers could have even been higher.

The reason: Besides wining the seven additional states, Trump’s numbers improve dramatically if you remove the fraudulent votes from five other states where the two candidates were neck and neck. Those are the states of Colorado, Virginia, New Mexico, New Hampshire and New Jersey.



Joe Biden has signed more than 30 executive orders in his mad dash to undue everything President Donald Trump had accomplished. Needless to say, creating jobs isn’t at the top of Biden’s list. Nor does he offer much to benefit the middle class. The Democrats have turned into the trash and burn party, trashing the economy and burning jobs. It’s billionaires who support the Democrats, lunkheads like George Soros, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

Biden has not only scrapped most of Trump’s economy-building but also the Diet Coke button on the presidential desk in the West Wing Oval Office. Otherwise, here’s a look at Biden’s issues with the military and his appointment of Avril Haines, a former CIA deputy, as the new Director of National Intelligence. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

Former President Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere. There has been talk of him abandoning the Republican Party and forming the Patriotic Party. Could happen down the road, but why leave when Trump remains the power in charge of the GOP? Black Conservative Patriot explains and also gets into a court ruling providing a yuge win over one of Joe Biden’s executive orders.

Today we hear about the direct impact of Biden policy changes on an American Keystone XL employee, the most likely fraudulent upcoming audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election by Dominion tied shell companies, changes to Virginia voting laws and an update on r/WallStreetBets, hedge funds are going to lose tomorrow. More from RedPill78.

We haven’t finished yet. Hold the line deplorables! Pray! You’ll love how this movie ends! More from And We Know.

The people are now watching the Biden administration. Everything that was promised the people see the opposite happening. Think mirror, everything the [Deep State] threw at Trump is coming back to them. Covid is mysteriously disappearing, cases are dropping like a rock. Trump was seen a golf course and he said we are not finished yet. More from the X22 Report.

Trump For The Win

Betting odds now have Trump at 64 percent for the win. The Chinese yuan is crashing. The US stock market is rising.

Of course, we still have many signs of attempts at cheating by both the Democratic establishment and the mainstream media. Vote counts were stopped in state after state last night, all states where President Trump was leading: Ohio, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, states where Joe Biden was leading were called  in some cases, before the votes even got counted! In at least one or two states –Arizona and Virginia — these might well have been premature calls. If any one state becomes a political battleground, it looks like it will be Pennsylvania.

We have never before seen this much fuckery afoot in a US election. After the dust settles, it will be important to identify the media outlets, the lying political scum and any of America’s intelligence agencies working behind the scenes to foment discord and destroy our democracy.  They will pay a price for their intransigence and deceit. More from Steve Turley.

In a roughly hour-long broadcast, RazorFist focuses on the many peculiarities and irregularities we saw in Tuesday’s election — the blatant chicanery by the leftist media, the bizarre refusals to grant President Trump states that he obviously carried, all while pushing forward the China-appeasing, geriatric Leftist creep Joe Biden.  In this FREE election night stream of The RazörForce Offensive, RazörFist and Tactical Hobo break down the BIG night.

Also offering an extended block of election night commentary: Styxhexenhammer666.


We will report full Senate and House results tomorrow, assuming the vote counts occur and the lying bastards have some results to present. We have no confidence whatsoever in this process, and certainly not in the Leftist media hacks who are selling our freedoms down the river. What a flaming pack of thieves and liars.

Meanwhile, welcome to Clown World.


Illegal Ballot Harvesting

How did the Democrats flip the House in 2018? They used illegal ballot harvesting. Here, Bill Still explains the sinister tool and why we must stand against any expansion of this corruption, or else see our votes permanently discounted and stolen.

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President Donald Trump is calling for the liberation of Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia. What’s that mean? Voters need to kick out their corrupt Democratic governors, vote Republican across the board in 2020, and defeat efforts in all three states designed to corral First Amendment free speech rights as well as Second Amendment guns rights. Let’s bring freedom back to these three states. No more should they slip or slide down into a socialistic dark hole! More from Styxhexenhammer666.



By Any Means

The Democratic Party and the mainstream media: One big happy family. So says Q, in noting the existence of some 38 family relations (mostly husband-wife, but also brother-brother, mother-child, etc.) linking media members with Democratic activists. At local levels, there are another 98 such connections, such a big and such a happy family. The suggestion for voters: These are not individuals you can trust to tell the truth, not when it means they will have to upset their familial bonds.

In deciphering the latest Q posts, In Pursuit of Truth also talks about Rita Wilson’s coronavirus cure, the sale of the Drudge Report to a foreign investor and whether Fox News will turn full-blown Commie. Former House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has joined Fox News and vowed to “do something” about President Donald Trump. Maybe it’s time we do something about you, Crying Ryan. You, along with Mitt Romney and John McCain, all proved yourself to be lying and traitorous Republicans, with your hands on the take.

Also, ex-Clinton lawyer Marc Elias is threatening to sue the state of Nevada unless it allows ballot harvesting, a technique the Democrats have been using to steal elections and commit voting fraud. In Virginia, meanwhile, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam signed new legislation dropping all requirements that voters show a photo ID before casting a ballot. In other words, cheat at will!

The clock is now ticking down for the [Deep State]/Democrats and the Mainstream Media. The invisible enemy has now lost. Trump is going to bring the country out of the Global Pandemic and will introduce HQ as the cure. This is the beginning to show that there are other cures out there that were hidden from us. FISA is the start, and every time Trump removes the [DS] funding they feel pain. We are now ready. Facts will be presented. More from the X22 Report.

And We Know drops by CERN, the largest particle psychics laboratory in the world, outside Geneva, Switzerland. There, scientists are attempting to stir the bowels of Hell, while invoking Shiva and Luciferian deities. One by one, all of these fakers and posers are being exposed. This includes the belligerent Leftist press, a phony Tom Hanks  appearance on Saturday Night Live and Microsoft having to drop its Marina Abramovic advertisement. Symbolism will be their downfall!

Lansing, Michigan is fighting back against Gov Gretchen “Half” Whitmer, Hunter Biden is still working for China, a mini-dive on the Shiva post, Anonymous revealed and so much more from RedPill78.

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JustInformed Talk analyzes the new Q posts as well as offers clips from the new documentary Out of Shadows that details the CIA’s pervasive influence across Hollywood, television and the mainstream media. Here, we begin to understand the crossroads facing our nation, where a patriot like Gen. Mike Flynn faces jail while a child-trafficking and murdering witch like Hillary Clinton flaunts around freely. No mas!

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Press Destroying Themselves

Trump and the patriots are moving quickly with their silent operation. Panic is everywhere and the [Deep State] and the Mainstream Media are caught in their lies. They are completely exposed and there is now way out for them. The clock is ticking down and these [DS] players will need to make a decision. When do you play the Trump card?More from the X22 Report.

We have some incredible footage from health care centers across the globe that begs the question, just what is really going on? A tremendous proof from Mercy & Comfort. Virginia goes on insane lockdown through June and much more..from RedPill78.

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As we wage the good fight, seeking to free enslaved children and end the stranglehold of the cabal, we must always remain patriotic. Patriots from around the world are praying for America now. We cannot give up. We cannot turn away. We must see the fight through to the finish. More from And We Know.

This is not the time to be confused by the seemingly diverging information. Let’s look at the new Cue posts and the theories about our current condition as a nation–and what the Bible has to say to encourage us. More from Lori Colley.

Northam: Epitome of Tyranny

The radical progressives are out of control and are determined to destroy our country. A case in point is loony Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who is the epitome of tyranny from the far-left elites. Says conservative radio-show host Andrew Wilkow, “Northam is more than just some crazy, gun-grabbing, tax-raising, blackface-wearing abortion enthusiast, he is exactly what our founding fathers feared.” Here’s more from Blaze TV.

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Gun Control Vs. Arizona

Bloomberg beat Virginia patriots with a pocketbook. Will his billions beat the firearm-loving last bastion of the Old West? A rant from RazorFist.


Virginia’s Gun Control

Virginia has advanced gun control bills that ban the sale of semi-auto firearms and high-capacity magazines. Looks as if Virginia’s blackface governor, Ralph Northam, isn’t going to stop until he’s booted out of office. More from Vincent James with The Red Elephants.

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Virginians: Go West!

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, announced that legislation has been passed to send an open invitation to any Virginia county that wants to join West Virginia amid gun control push back in Richmond.

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Virginia Democrats have passed red flag gun laws and also voted to allow non-doctors to perform abortions. This is clearly a party whose members have lost their minds. They are not only wrong politically. They are amoral degenerates who ought to be despised and horsewhipped! Vincent James of The Red Elephants discusses these latest Democratic aberrations as well as the West Virginia offer calling on Virginians to secede.

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