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Interracial Relationships Good?

Are interracial relationships actually good? That seems to be the message of so many commercials pushed by the globalist corporations these days. Are these companies ahead of the curve or steering us down a disastrous course? More from Mr. Reagan.

Trump Returns To Twitter

Elon Musk has reinstated Donald Trump on Twitter, lifting the ban imposed by the leftist management that previously ran the social media platform. Musk took the action after conducting a poll. A majority of respondents supported reinstating Trump and overturning the flagrant censorship imposed by the old regime.

Less than 10 hours later, Trump already had more followers than Joe Biden — 52 million versus 36.4 million. Now, let the leftist tears roll! Go ban your grandma! More from The Quartering.

Here, Mr. Reagan argued on behalf of reinstating Trump and also supported a return by Alex Jones on free speech grounds. By the way, Call Me Stormy has been banned for more than a year from Twitter. So we shed a few crocodile tears when all of those Left-leaning Fascists quit and walked away from the platform. Boo hoo!

Party Like It’s 1999

The dust has barely settled on Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, but conservatives are already partying like it’s 1999. They have been beat down and censored for so long, that even the mere whiff of freedom is cause for jubilation. More from Mr. Reagan.

Shaken Not Stirred

Chris Kohls, aka Mr. Reagan on YouTube, joins Sebastian Gorka to talk about the greatest movie character in history…James Bond. The two celebrate 60 years of superb toxic masculinity.

The Truth About Immigration

For years, Democrats have argued that Republicans are racist because the GOP opposes open borders and unlimited immigration. But now we are seeing a different picture, as Leftist cities and strongholds from Washington DC and New York City to Chicago and Martha’s Vineyard are going absolutely apeshit after busloads or planeloads of illegal aliens land on their doorsteps. More from Mr. Reagan.

YouTube Censoring Biden Critics

The long arm of the fascist state, YouTube, is at it again. Mr. Reagan showcases pretty persuasive stats showing that YouTube censored a video he made, taking a critical stance toward Biden’s Blood-Red speech.

YouTube swears it runs its ship by the book. But if so, how come the telltale signs of censorship ramp up every time an election approaches? Here’s the full low-down from Mr. Reagan.

How To Red Pill Leftists

You’ve got relatives who are Democrats? Friends who are stone-cold leftists? You’ve probably given up trying to convert them. You might even not be talking with them any longer.

But Mr. Reagan assures us: You can red pill leftists. How? Watch and learn.

FBI Violated The Constitution

Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the FBI told Facebook ahead of the 2020 election to censor news of the Hunter Biden laptop. Since when does the FBI have such power — in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution? More from Mr. Reagan.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is still claiming he had nothing to do with the FBI raid, and doesn’t have any idea how it happened or what was found. Sure. More from Mr. Reagan.

Dark Brandon

It’s often said that the Left can’t meme. Need proof? Just look at the laser-eyed Dark Brandon memes that Leftists are creating to try to make Joe Biden look as if he has some actual strength. That hen isn’t just a bumbling nincompoop who can’t even ride a bike without falling over on his face. More from Mr. Reagan.

Mar-A-Lago Raid: The Theories

Mr. Reagan analyzes the range of theories being offered on the Mar-A-Lago Raid. Some of the theories seem possible, others frankly are quite comical and bizarre.

Then, of course, you also have the stale theories of the Democrats, pushing the same “Russia Russia Russia” hoaxes they’ve been mouthing for years.

Millie Weaver offers another theory on her channel Millennial Millie. She asks: Does Trump have a full list of Jeffrey Epstein’s clientele? In other words, can he single-handedly incriminate all of the pedophiles engaged in raping and murdering children at Epstein’s sundry mansions and his hideous Caribbean resort?

Weaver notes the many connections between Epstein and Bruce Reinhart, the magistrate who signed off on the FBI and Department of Justice’s Mar-A-Lago search warrant.

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