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Teacher Jawbones Parents

Let’s listen in as a teacher goes ballistic tearing down any parents who would question her teaching style or the “knowledge” she’s imparting. More from Mr. Reagan.

Rachel Maddow Meltdown

Mr Reagan has to delicately dance around YouTube’s Leftist censorship to bring you this discussion: On Rachel Maddow and why she’s suffering another meltdown over the election audit in Arizona.

Do we believe the audit is going to instantly transform the results of the 2020 presidential election? Not at all.

If the Democrats cheated as badly as it appears they did, undoubtedly they have cheated twice as much to cover up their initial transgressions. So it’s going to be tough, if not impossible, to prove what they did.

Still, this audit is a step in the right direction. It’s time to end the cheating, and also time to shut down the lying Leftist media — especially phonies like Maddow.

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BLM Harasses Young Children

Black Lives Matter is now harassing children. Mr. Reagan reacts to a video that shows a BLM militant harassing young girls as they enter a cheerleading competition in Louisville, Kentucky. The kids are attacked for exhibiting “white privilege.”  We kids you not!

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Left Wants To Silence Us

Are covid laws being used to silence us? More from Mr. Reagan.


Pretending To Be Black

People used to pretend to be white. Now, they are more likely to pretend to be black. More from Mr. Reagan, exploring The Joy of Blackface.

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The Pervasive Chinese Influence

We’ve all learned how U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., slept with a Communist Chinese spy. In actuality, hundreds of U.S. congressmen and senators are under the influence of the Chinese. It’s little wonder these officials did virtually nothing to reverse the rigged election of Joe Biden. More from Mr. Reagan.

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The Weakest World Leader

Joe Biden might well be the weakest world leader in history. How much damage will be done to the United States under the control of such a mental midget? More from Mr. Reagan.

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Hillary’s $18 Million Bribe

INCREDIBLE NEW ACCUSATIONS from Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock.
– FBI knows Hillary has accepted bribes
– $20 Million & $18 Million
– The state is using incriminating evidence to control her. These revelations should be broadcast on every news network, the front-page story of every news publication.

But I’ve only just found it now, a month later! More from Mr. Reagan.


Just who is Patrick Byrne? The Overstock CEO was an early enthusiast for bitcoin and has long been a thorn rattling Wall Street short sellers. Here, Vice visits him at his home in Utah, exploring his life, his philosophies and his thoughts on blockchain.

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Crazy Nancy Moves To Impeach

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats move to IMPEACH President Donald Trump and ban him from running in 2024. This right after Nancy Pelosi attempted a military coup according to the Pentagon and New York Times. Meanwhile, Amazon announces that it will nuke Parler from orbit and take away their servers in a horrifying act of political censorship. Welcome to 1984. More from Mr. Obvious.

Mr. Reagan says Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind. Her derangement has been screamingly evident since one or more of her laptops went missing in last Wednesday’s occupation of the U.S. Capitol. You have to wonder: What incriminating folders and emails might be found on that laptop?

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Time For A Palace Revolt?

Dominion Voting Systems machines have been caught transferring votes from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden. The report’s been done for days. But we never hear about it because of one gag order after another. Are we going to get fair elections in the United States or do we have to stage a palace revolt against the globalist overseers and their minions? More from The Salty Cracker, focusing on shenanigans in Michigan.

Does the Georgia video actually show fraud? More from Mr. Reagan.

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