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Dissecting The Knockout Game

Author Colin Flaherty takes a comprehensive look at the “knockout game,” the violence perpetuated by African American mob teen gangs that the mainstream media is writing off as fake news.

Flaherty, author of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry and White Girl Bleed A Lot, says there’s a mountain of video evidence of racial violence, knockout-game race riots, community dysfunction and destruction of property in our neighborhoods. “The knockout game is a black thing,” Flaherty says. “No. 2, the knockout game is a game. It’s about violence. It’s about the joy they take in inflicting this violence.”

While Flaherty garnered kudos from conservatives, the liberal mainstream media far outweighed them with their denials, completely ignoring the witnesses, the videos and police reports. The New York Times bluntly calls it an “urban myth,” the Huffington Post wrote it was a “fabricated trend” and the Chicago Tribune said, “The knockout game is wildly exaggerated.” Here’s the rest of the story from Flaherty, with graphic eyewitness accounts from victims, courtesy of Undeniable Truth.

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