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The Man From 2027

At some point in your life, you’ve probably pondered the possibility of time travel or simulated realities. In this day and age of incredible technological advancement, neither seems an impossibility.

Recently, internet users were baffled by the case of Javier, a gentleman from Valencia, Spain, who says he awoke in an empty hospital, a silent world, all alone in 2027, with no one in site. In the subsequent months since his experience, he’s posted several videos of his adventure in hospitals, police stations, airports, grocery stores, outdoors on roadways and street corners, all with not a human being in site.

Was there a cataclysmic event that wiped out humanity six years from now? Does this prove time travel or simulated realities are possible, or is a hoax? “The thing is, to this day no one has been fully able to fully debunk any of these videos,” says James LaFleur, of the Impossible Channel. “Not only that, no one knows how he’s pulling this off if it is fake.” Here’s the video, courtesy of Xandrewx, and please use your own discernment.

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