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Juan O. Savin: Cabal Symbology

Juan O. Savin delivers a deep dive into the Cabal’s numerology and its widespread use of symbolism around the globe, including the true story behind the Statue of Liberty, gifted to the U.S. by France.

Savin, appearing on the Tom Numbers podcast featuring Writeside Blonde, also gives his take on time travel. Here’s more.

Trump Time Travel Miracle

Nicholas Veniamin shares a video that explains how Donald Trump gets so much right — he’s able to travel through time and see the future in advance, as well as go back in time to survey history. Veniamin says the author of the hour-long video remains unknown, but watch it, and you’ll come to understand a lot of the political miracles we are witnessing.  The time travel machine came from the inventor Nikola Tesla.Nikola

Here is the side video mentioned, spelling out more about Nikola Tesla, Tesla’s working relationship with John G. Trump and how they designed and built the New Yorker Hotel in 1929 to not only provide a venue for their time travel experiments, but also to power these ventures. The video is called “The Tesla/New Yorker Hotel Theory.”


Time Travel Explained

What if everything we know about time is merely an illusion? Could we find a way out of it by breaking the construct of how the universe progresses? Would it be possible to break the natural flow of time? Beeyond Ideas explores the physics and philosopy of time travel, featuring the works of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Kurt Godel.

Dangerous Time-Travel Curves

Bluewater Intel! Guy Brummell! Hollywood clones! Flynn a traitor?! Update on kids. Not only are more being found in the Ukraine, but also at large DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) across Australia! Time Travel technology! Biden family funded bioweapons! Where is Hunter Biden?!? Obama green screen! Disinfo Agents exposed! More from McAllister TV.

Mysterious Antarctica Discovery

A never-seen-before geometric triangular-shaped object has been discovered protruding from the Antarctica snow. Third Phase Of Moon suggests it might very well be a new pyramid or craft. The discovery was made by folks over at the Into Thin Air blog.

Still covered in heavy snow, the object sticks out like a sore thumb and resembles something triangular. Third Phase Of Moon digs deeper into the story and also discusses the possibility of many stargates situated throughout the planet, which would facilitate time travel.

Brodel: Time Travel Is Real

Martin Brodel shares an intel update from his source, who says–as wild as it sounds– time travel and Project Looking Glass are real. Brodel says you need only peruse the dead-on, super-accurate Q posts. “How he could see something a year or two years later and it comes to fruition! The only entitity that good, is God,” he says.

Brodel’s source also says that the Nazi-Reptilian playbook for humanity is not happening, but their plan will be revealed, which ties into the super-soldier program. He also discusses the latest Epstein flight logs, including frequent passengers Chris and Kristina Cuomo. “She loved those flights just as much as he did,” the source says of Kristina. Here’s more from Brodel.

The Man From 2027

At some point in your life, you’ve probably pondered the possibility of time travel or simulated realities. In this day and age of incredible technological advancement, neither seems an impossibility.

Recently, internet users were baffled by the case of Javier, a gentleman from Valencia, Spain, who says he awoke in an empty hospital, a silent world, all alone in 2027, with no one in site. In the subsequent months since his experience, he’s posted several videos of his adventure in hospitals, police stations, airports, grocery stores, outdoors on roadways and street corners, all with not a human being in site.

Was there a cataclysmic event that wiped out humanity six years from now? Does this prove time travel or simulated realities are possible, or is a hoax? “The thing is, to this day no one has been fully able to fully debunk any of these videos,” says James LaFleur, of the Impossible Channel. “Not only that, no one knows how he’s pulling this off if it is fake.” Here’s the video, courtesy of Xandrewx, and please use your own discernment.

Back To Future’s Deep Meaning

The following video montage from the iconic Back to the Future movie demonstrated a stunningly deeper meaning of time travel, which up to this point was missed in the feature film.

Other channels have discovered different anomalies in the flick, such as the “blind 11” connection on 9/11, when a blind man stranded on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center’s 78th floor was guided to safety by his dog. And now, the movie can be linked to the sacrifice that was required to lower the veil to the spirit world. The narrator explains in this fascinating video, courtesy of Exposing Corruption. Please use your discretion.

The Big Secret: Extraterrestrials

Ryushin Malone tells BraveTV we’ve been badly lied to about extraterrestrials. Why? He says we’ve been living next to an advanced alien civilization for millennia, who have been harvesting human beings for food. “The elites from thousands of years of extraterrestrial contact, have created these secret societies, like the Illuminati, and they’re worshiping the extraterrestrials. That’s they’re true secret.”

Malone explains that Q’s narrative, when asking if Satan is real, is called the balance–the balance between good and evil, dark and light, God and Satan. Q refers to it as the silent war because of the big secret, which is all extraterrestrial. “I will explain to you, with evidence, everything connecting the extraterrestrials to religion, to politics … that’s what it really is,” says Ryushin, who blogs on Orion Lines. “It’s really scary for them to get up on the news and say it’s fake news, when in reality it’s not.” Stay tuned, as Ryushin explains further and talks about time travel, the Sumerian culture, Looking Glass technology and more.

Gene Decode Talks Timelines

In  a captivating edition of the Nicholas Veniamin vlog, guest Gene Decode talks timelines, multiverses and time travel by the evil cabal and his personal experiences with some of them.

Decode readily admits to being shifted around among four timelines, including one disastrous scenario where Hillary Clinton is elected President and the city he grew up in is nuked. In another shift, Decode says he actually toured Capitol Hill when the Capitol building was attached to the White House, only to find out that wasn’t the case in a later timeline. He says, “There’s been a massive amount of alterations by God or by the cabal.” Here’s more with Decode and Veniamin.

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