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Central Banking Warfare

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt  interviews Catherine Austin Fitts as she reveals the central bankers’ plan!

Central Bankers agreed during the FED meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to take down the economy with earth-shattering implications for millions! Catherine sees this as a time for choosing between freedom and tyranny, and suggests we support those on the front lines of this battle.

She reveals how the Central Banking Warfare model has been used to bring us to the brink of world dictatorship while putting a Transhumanist control grid in place for total domination of human life. “A re-engineering of the financial transaction system as part of a larger re-engineering of the global governance system. And when I say ‘re-engineering’, part of that is a consolidation of the financial coup.”

Look for the central banking system to come crashing down, possibly beginning to crater by Christmastime. That’s the conclusion of Clif High and Bix Weir, who appear together in a financial update from Jean-Claude’s Beyond Mystic Canadian podcast. Weir, the longtime metals dealer, and High, an Internet dating mining expert, both see signs of a pending crash in the Evergrande default in Communist China.

Unstable regional banks, possibly those in Turkey or Peru, will be among the first to fail. They will be followed by larger banks, ultimately including national banks and central banks. “I think we’re going to come unglued in a very big way,” says High. He anticipates the fallout will last up to three weeks, but adds, “most of the damage will be done in 48 hours.”

Not only will banks fail, but also all national fiat currencies, except perhaps the Russian ruble. How will we do business in the aftermath? Will there be new currencies, and how long before they are instituted? The fallout could take many months to resolve, they assert.

Weir looks for U.S. Treasury and Fed officials to cut a deal with Reggie Middleton, who developed Veritasium, to use that peer-to-peer blockchain cryptocurrency to facilitate bartering and trade.  If so, that will represent a major reversal, as the government has gone out of its way to discredit Veritasium.

High expects gold and silver to rise precipitously after the crisis hits. Both will shoot up rapidly, but silver might proportionately be the better bet, because it’s a metal also in heavy demand for industrial purposes.

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