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X State Of The Union

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt delivers an X State of the Union, focusing on UFOs and the Deep State. He reveals the latest moves by the CIA to steer UFO disclosure as a threat narrative in the corporate media to create hysteria for their global invasion op.

In addition, the Dark Journalist looks deeply at CIA counter intelligence agent Lue Elizondo and his mission to create a false disclosure narrative. He also examines AS8003, the mysterious Department of Defense digital services purchase of 57 Million domain names and a greater portion of the Internet 3 minutes before Joe Biden took office.

Democrats Mirror The Nazis

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt presents his special interview with Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell: Aftermath: Emergency Powers And Earth Changes! Part 1. Learn how the Democrats in the U.S. Congress have taken a page directly from Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party!

Northcom COG Vs. Constitution

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt brings us a special report that goes behind the scenes to depict the Northcom Continuity of Government group and the war these bureaucrats are waging against the U.S. Constitution. The Dark Journalist outlines his own war against fellow journalists who have bought into the brainwashing and are pushing a New World Order.

Originally, the idea behind a New World Order was to end all wars. But now, it’s primarily a means by power-mad bureaucrats who want to beat back populism and free speech, whether it’s coming from the right or the left. This is a little over an hour-long program but well worth the listen. See how Jeane Dixon was either the most proficient astrologer of the 20th century or else people who knew — like Richard Nixon — told her what was coming!

It’s Curtains For The CIA

On the 57th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, President Donald Trump has invoked Kennedy’s Executive Order 57. This, in essence, ends the CIA as a Globalist spy agency. It will no longer be able to conduct clandestine missions or run its own airlines, but will now be restricted completely to intelligence gathering.

Here, The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt highlights that in order for Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller to issue his order that Special Operations now must report directly to him, he needed to execute the power held in the JFK National Security Action Memorandum 57 (NSAM 57), designed to bypass the CIA!

This video runs more than three hours, but stick with it. You will learn a lot about a alphabet agency that has run roughshod over America, just as it has trashed so many other countries around the world. The CIA’s attempt to steal our 2020 Presidential election is but its latest travesty — far grander than the Bay of Pigs, but no less diabolical.

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