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Gurdjieff’s Mystery Warning

The Dark Journalist ventures into the spiritual realm with a program that explores the works of the great mystics of the early 20th century.

The key focus here is on George Gurdjieff, the philosopher and spiritual teacher, who called his brand of ancient wisdom “the Fourth Way.” This involved blending together the traditional pathways of the fakir, the monk and the yogi.

Much of what Gurdjieff taught came to be documented and spread by the Russian philosopher P.D. Ouspensky and the so-called Mystery Schools. It’s a timely subject as Gurdjieff did much of his research in Afghanistan, although he disseminated this knowledge primarily in Russia and later, in Paris.


Deep State Female Targets

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt explores the Deep State assassination of Vicki Morgan on July 7, 1983 in Los Angeles, California. Morgan, a voluptuous model, had been the backdoor mistress of Alfred S. Bloomingdale, the heir to the Bloomingdale’s Department Store fortune.

Bloomingdale has been called “the father of the credit card,” as he developed the Diner’s Club card. He also was a major player in Hollywood, first serving as an agent for Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland, and later working as an executive at Columbia Pictures. In addition, he was perhaps the biggest donor on record to Ronald Reagan in his gubernatorial races in California as well as his Presidential races, notably his successful defeat of Jimmy Carter in 1980.

But Bloomingdale had many dirty secret habits. He not only kept Morgan as his mistress, but involved her in brutal sadomasochistic practices. He liked to pick up prostitutes as well as models or actresses for short flings. Sometimes, he administered severe beatings to these women.

After he died of throat cancer in 1982, Morgan insisted upon a monthly “palimony”  allowance of $18,000 he had promised her. His wife, Betsy, objected and cut Morgan off. A courtroom fight ensued, ending with her subsequent murder.

This is a fascinating case. It involves super-rich players in sadistic games of sex and criminality high up in Hollywood and political circles. Much of what we know about Bloomingdale mirrors the sordid and skankier affairs of Jeffrey Epstein.

This is a 3-hour-plus dive, so it might take you a couple of settings to digest it all. There is a short technical blackout at the front. If you want to bypass the snafu, start at the 7:00 minute mark.

The Nazi Bell UFO

Dark Journalist Exclusive Interview with Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell on the Nazi Bell UFO! This is the deepest interview on the Nazi Bell yet!

Welcome To The Cosmos Club

As the UFO threat narrative is being pushed heavily by the Intelligence Community on a traumatized public, it becomes more important than ever to find out the origins of the CIA Psyop vs the true UFO research. Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep to investigate the meeting places for elite covert operators with access to the UFO File and it brings him directly to The Cosmos Club in Washington D.C and the shadowy connections of one of its members, a Cold War CIA official named Arthur Lindahl!


X101: Moon Chronicles

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt delves into the secret X UFO files, exploring what’s been hidden, by whom and how can we get around the CIA and federal government’s insidious secrecy to uncover the truth.

Let’s See UFO Truth Disclosure

Exclusive Interview with Author and Researcher John W Warner IV, the son of Mellon banking heiress Catherine Mellon and legendary Virginia Senator John W. Warner III, who sadly passed away on Tuesday, May 25th.

Warner tells us that his cousin, Former Defense Intelligence Official Chris Mellon, was carefully chosen to help promote a false UFO Threat and that his bizarre pairing with Counterintelligence Agent Lue Elizondo shows the Deep State is desperate to pull off a massive covert operation. The major effort to keep the Wall of Secrecy on advanced technology in place in order to hide the UFO reality from the public is being orchestrated by CIA and DIA officials trying to make it appear that Mellon and Elizondo are whistleblowers after decades of working in intelligence circles.

Warner reveals that his father encouraged him before he died to pursue the truth at all costs and was deeply concerned for keeping America free in the face of massive secrecy by black ops buried deep in the government. The Senator revealed to to his son that his activities in Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica were actually related to COVERT SPACE OPERATIONS! More from the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt.

CIA’s Phony UFO Invasion Op

There is much alien news to discuss in the weeks ahead, but be careful where you tread. CIA operatives are out in force trying to plant false tales of a blanket UFO invasion.

Here, the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt discusses the most callous and brazen of the phonies pushing such talk, including Luis Elizondo, who just appeared on 60 Minutes, and Christopher Mellon, from the Mellon banking family, who formerly worked for both the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations.

Make no mistake about it. These aren’t independent operators, but CIA shills and artful liars. The brain-dead fools from the mainstream media can turn to these operatives to get their facts, but you shouldn’t make the same sorry mistake. Why would anyone ever trust the CIA? Unless, of course, you were gathering details on drug running, trafficking children, or perhaps, stealing an election.


CIA’S False Alien Game Plan

Space aliens are woo-woo enough without attaching them to false narratives. But the CIA, through its operatives in the mainstream media, is now attempting to concoct an entirely false story surrounding a grim UFO attack. Here, the Dark Journalist explains some of what’s behind this invasion, why the CIA deems it necessary and how to decipher what’s real and what’s phony within the concocted story.


X State Of The Union

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt delivers an X State of the Union, focusing on UFOs and the Deep State. He reveals the latest moves by the CIA to steer UFO disclosure as a threat narrative in the corporate media to create hysteria for their global invasion op.

In addition, the Dark Journalist looks deeply at CIA counter intelligence agent Lue Elizondo and his mission to create a false disclosure narrative. He also examines AS8003, the mysterious Department of Defense digital services purchase of 57 Million domain names and a greater portion of the Internet 3 minutes before Joe Biden took office.

The Hollywood Stardust File

The Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt, interviews Bruce Ross Morgan. He’s the son of Hollywood actress Yvonne De Carlo, seen in such films as The Ten Commandments and McLintock, but probably best remembered for her turn as Lily Munster in the TV series The Munsters.

Morgan has an upcoming memoir, Sapphire In The Sand, in which he discusses De Carlo’s career struggles, as well as her adventures with the likes of Howard Hughes, the reclusive aviator and legendary Hollywood showman.

This interview not only covers the dark side of Hollywood, but also gets into some truly mystical territory. For instance, we learn of De Carlo’s psychic abilities, and her encounters with UFOs and inter-dimensional humanoid beings. All is set against the backdrop of America’s entry into the space race and secret nuclear testing done in the Nevada region.

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