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The Scoop On Hunter’s Laptop

Funny how Twitter banned Wayne Allyn Root “for life” when he sent out a couple of Tweets jawboning about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the global corruption it revealed.

Now, Elon Musk is talking about cleaning up the rat’s nest at Twitter while the lying fake news — the New York Times and Washington Post — are finally admitting the laptop isn’t Russian disinformation whatsoever, but the genuine article!

Root, a conservative pundit, appears here on the OAN show The Real Story to discuss the proverbial laptop. He says it offers solid evidence, showing how Hunter Biden solicited pay for play cash from foreign powers with a 10 percent cut going to the Big Guy — Joe Biden. When you’re talking about the Democratic Party, graft and corruption are never far from the surface!

How a high-ranking CIA official congratulated himself for lying to the American people to help put Joe Biden in the White House. His name: John Sipher. He’s a self-admitted con man, a total phony, like the agency he used to represent. More from Dinesh D’Souza.





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