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He’s Got His Hand In Cookie Jar

Former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney admits he’d rather vote Democratic than for either Donald Trump or Vivek Ramaswamy as U.S. President in 2024. The morale here: Life is tough when you’ve got your hand trapped in the Ukraine cookie jar! Here’s more from Sebastian Gorka.

The Armageddon Media

ICONS2020’s Sarge adamantly calls out what he calls Armageddon journalism, a group of people out there spewing fake narratives about the state and condition about what’s going on around the planet–and it’s 90 percent bullshit!

Sarge says if you follow anyone that is focused on status or making money or anything outside of winning a real war against the Deep State, they are part of the evil, corrupt idiots attempting to destroy the planet. Here’s his report.

Corruption Pattern Discovered

The [Deep State] is now struggling. The narrative is lost.

Trump and team found a pattern of corruption and it is being exposed to the public. This will lead to another and then another.

The corrupt are running out of options. The people are behind the truth teller. The take-down of the [Deep State] is going to be Biblical. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

DC: It’s Worse Than You Think

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, famously known as MTG, represents Georgia’s 14th Congressional District in Northwest Georgia. MTG has led the effort to impeach Joe Biden, ban the genital mutilation of children, secure our southern border, end the war in Ukraine, and push the Republican Party to put the American people first.

Her America First credentials are forged in steel and she’s leveraged her power to drive change in the House GOP. She says Washington DC is worse than you can imagine. Here she discusses her experiences with the X22 Report Spotlight.

Deep State Propaganda Exposed

The [Deep State] propaganda outlet is now being exposed. It will be restructured once the people see the fake news system.

The [Deep State] set up an insurgency and they been trying to slowly take over the country and turn it into something they want.

Trump countered this with the counterinsurgency, but this tactic takes time. You need to show the people the system so the people can fight back.

The plan is working and the people are countering the 16 year plan. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

NFL Rigged: How Bad Is It?

Are National Football League games really rigged? And how bad is it? Riss Flex takes a deep dive into the alleged corruption that has plagued the country’s most popular sports pastime for decades.

Flex features archival clips from the 1980s, featuring investigative journalist Dan Moldea, who said no less than 26 NFL owners at the time were connected to organized crime and the gambling community. During the same time period, an interview with former Mafia crime boss Michael Franzese revealed that teams were deliberately throwing games to pay their debts to the mob.

Fast forward to today and a recent clip of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who claims last season was scripted to accommodate the Kelce brothers (Jason, Philadelphia Eagles; and Travis, Kansas City Chiefs) to play against each other in the Super Bowl. And that was after the Bosa brothers (Joey Bosa, Los Angeles Chargers; and Nick Bosa, San Francisco 49ers) refused.

Here’s more with Flex, including the revelation of full-fledged game scripts, written before the season, and the discovery of magnets in footballs and player gloves.


Now They All Lose

is the 2020 Presidential election still in play? Could evidence be released showing massive fraud behind the election of Joe Biden? Was the CIA involved? How about the FBI or other arms of the U.S. Department of Justice?

The fake news is pushing Trump’s “revenge tour.” What exactly does that mean? Who fears change and for what reasons? Will there be an Internet shutdown to keep facts from leaking and truths from becoming known? Exactly how far does corruption extend in the United States? Just how dirty is the entire world?

Also in this edition: The trials of Peter Nygard, the former fashion mogul now found guilty on four counts of sexual assault by a Toronto jury on Sunday. Here’s more from And We Know.

They started this game, but now we’re going to end it. Trump’s vengeance is freaking out the mainstream media. Here’s more from RedPill78.

Operators Guard Witnesses

Government workers and the Biden Crime Family getting exposed.

Epstein flight logs. Let’s discuss Pizzagate and the child trafficking crimes.

Golden calf destroyed. Serving with honor. The agony of defeat.

Small town victory. Vivek Trojan horse. Adam Schiff grilled on Steele dossier.

Pray! Here’s more from And We Know.

Biden Criminals Must Fess Up

Timing is everything and it looks like it’s time for the Biden family to fess up before the Oversight Committee. Subpoenas are now being delivered to members of the Biden Crime Family. Here’s more from RedPill78.

Partisan New York Attorney General Leticia James slams Ivanka Trump moments before she testifies in the fraud prosecution being run by two elected Democrats. We review the day’s trial activities, courtesy of @innercitypress, where Ivanka delivered key testimony near the close of the government’s case.

Judge Tanya Chutkan ordered former President Donald Trump to disclose to Jack Smith whether his team intends to use the “Advice of Counsel” defense at trial. In her order, Chutkan gave Trump until January 15th to make their decision. If they choose to invoke the defense (unlikely), they will need to disclose internal communications between Trump and his lawyers to the government.

Hunter and James Biden finally get subpoenas from the Oversight Committee, and they are not alone. Rep. Comer signs a slew of documents going to Hunter, James, Sara, Hallie and others who are intertwined with the Biden Crime Family. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Ready to Shock The Whole World

What comes next will shock the whole world. That’s what Q has forecast. So we are still  in for some more surprises.

But hope remains on the horizon. Former President Donald Trump says “Crooked Joe Biden’s Banana Republic ends on November 5th, 2004.”

Let’s hope so. We’ve suffered enormously under his corrupt and lackluster leadership. Not only has he destroyed America’s economy, but also jailed so many patriots while he loads the country full of his illegal aliens. Here’s more from the Christian Patriot News.

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