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Was Hoffa A Lake Mead Victim?

Bodies resurfacing from Lake Mead, just east of Las Vegas, in recent weeks were more than likely connected to mob hits in the 1980s, according to local news reports. At least two bodies in 50-gallon barrels washed up on the shore of Lake Mead, which has receded to record levels, due to severe drought and rising temperatures.

Former Colombo Crime Family mob boss, Michael Franzese confirms that using 50-gallon drums was common for mobster hits. “Why, because they’re never going to show up again,” Franzese says. He relates that a reliable source told him that iconic labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa met his fate in a similar fashion. Could Lake Mead have been the final resting place for Hoffa? Here’s more with Franzese and judge the material for yourself.

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