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All Roads Lead To Rome

Author/historical researcher Johnny Cirucci tees off on the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church in an explosive interview with Kerry Cassidy.

In his research, Cirucci found there was always tension between mainstream Christianity and Roman Catholicism. He details the shocking truth between the church and the CIA, unmasks the Illuninati as the Catholic Church/Jesuits themselves and the evil, telltale signs of the Vatican’s thirst for power.

He says the evil of Roman Catholicism runs deep, such as the little-known fact that victims of the Spanish Inquisition were actually Catholics and Jesuits and the revelation of Chief Justice Roger Taney, a Roman Catholic who made sure the Civil War happened with the Dred Scott decision. After that, Cirucci says, President Lincoln was murdered by a cabal of Catholics and Jesuits. He brings more, in addition to some spicy nuggets from Cassidy. Please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

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