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Are We In A Galactic War?

Are we in a Galactic War? Nino’s Corner TV, with host David “Nino” Rodriguez, welcomes proclaimed starseed Ismael Perez to discuss the possibilities.

Perez, who has researched the Galactic Federation for more than 20 years and author of Our Cosmic Origin,  says on our level of reality, it seems like we’re in a war with the Cabal, the Deep State. “Considering the fact that through quantum physics, there is evidence that there are other dimensions out there,” he says. “We’re really at war, technically, with the Reptilian races.” He brings more detail on the different alien factions and the spiritual aspects of the evolving multiverse.

Exposing Arizona Election Chaos

Blessed To Teach host Rick Rene dives head first into the chaos that is the Arizona midterm election fraud, highlighting Kari Lake’s lawsuit contesting her defeat in the gubernatorial race.

While a Maricopa County Superior Court judge earlier this week tossed out 8 of 10 counts, Lake and her team will go to trial on the remaining two counts–the malfunction of printers on election day and ballot chain of custody. Rene explains further, plus gives kudos to Lake’s valiant fight, making stunning parallels between her and Esther from the 17th book of the Bible.

Who Are We, Really?

The Bible, along with several other religious and spiritual texts, proclaim we were created in the image of God. But do we really hold the divine spark of genius inside of us? If so, what happened?

Inspired’s Jean Nolan says the avalanche of negative and destructive influences on our lives is seemingly endless, but we are still awakening to our true potential on a never-before-seen scale. “Once we get rid of what’s keeping us controlled and enslaved, we liberate the true potential we hold within us,” he says. He explains further.

Slavery Abolition On The Ballot

The Constitution says you can be made to do labor if you’re imprisoned, but voters in five states will decide whether working prisoners are actually slaves.

Should we put an end to prison industries, or does having a job in jail teach the dignity of work and prepare convicts for return to the free world? The “Right Angle” trio Alfonzo Rachel, Scott Ott and Stephen Green debate the issue on the Bill Whittle channel.

All Roads Lead To Rome

Author/historical researcher Johnny Cirucci tees off on the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church in an explosive interview with Kerry Cassidy.

In his research, Cirucci found there was always tension between mainstream Christianity and Roman Catholicism. He details the shocking truth between the church and the CIA, unmasks the Illuninati as the Catholic Church/Jesuits themselves and the evil, telltale signs of the Vatican’s thirst for power.

He says the evil of Roman Catholicism runs deep, such as the little-known fact that victims of the Spanish Inquisition were actually Catholics and Jesuits and the revelation of Chief Justice Roger Taney, a Roman Catholic who made sure the Civil War happened with the Dred Scott decision. After that, Cirucci says, President Lincoln was murdered by a cabal of Catholics and Jesuits. He brings more, in addition to some spicy nuggets from Cassidy. Please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

The Free Masons’ Bible

Let’s take a look at a King James Bible that’s been modified by the Free Masons to fit their perverted sun god and phallic worship. More from XAndrewX.


Funding Both Sides Of The War

Sen. Ted Cruz tells “The Glenn Beck Show” exactly how Joe Biden shuttled millions of dollars a day to Russia, and weapons and money to Ukraine, paving the way for Vladimir Putin’s invasion. So, is the United States essentially funding both sides of this war? Cruz and Beck give us some answers.

Will Trump Return Before ’24?

With patriots clamoring for the endgame and the recapture of our country, Juan O. Savin warns that less than a dozen people truly know what the plan is.

“If you don’t see what we’re going through now is war, you’re not paying attention,” Savin says. He added that the outcome will be grand theater, an amazing show. It’s about who gets to control the presidency. Savin joins the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, including guest Delora O’Brien, who bluntly asks Juan whether President Trump will be back before the 2024 Presidential election. Tune in to hear his answer.

Jab Is The Mark Of The Beast

Anthony Patch, of Connect the Dots, tells us why the vaccination is, in fact, the mark of the beast and not a precursor as many have suggested. Their logic, Patch says, is that the initial jabs are a trial run of sorts because the antichrist hasn’t been revealed. But, he contends, the precursor in a sense are the components, the technology, the DNA modification, the communication through Wi-Fi, the marking of a person all delivered in the very first vaccine.

Patch says calling the jab a precursor at this point is dangerous. “Anyone who’s telling you it’s a precursor, is leading a person to damnation, even a person who truly is saved,” he says. Here’s more of his analysis in this edition of Connect the Dots.


The Moon Was Built By Aliens

British podcaster Nicholas Veniamin is right on target when he says we’ve been lied to on a massive scale by government officials, ranging from historical events throughout the planet to our interaction with otherworldly beings.

And Gene Decode confirms that perhaps one of the biggest fairly tales of them all is the origin of our fake moon. Measuring one-quarter diameter of Earth, the moon is not part of our solar system but was built by the Adama alien species 500,000 years ago and moved to its present location. “It’s actually a base. The whole thing is hollow,” Decode says. “It’s built from the inside out and has giant shock absorbers on its surface.”  Decode says this can be easily proven by the craters that pock the moon, which are all the same depth, an impossibility since different-sized meteors collided with the lunar surface.

Early on, the entire surface of the moon had massive cities and there were layers of alien bases inside. Over millennia, many alien species also built bases on the far side of the moon. Hitler’s Nazi regime were the first to build a human base, which they constructed to resemble a swastika. When their lease ran out, the United States took over and built the Lunar Operation Center, of which their are four levels today.

This is wild stuff, to say the least. But when Veniamin questions Decode about his vast knowledge of all things otherworldly and the Bible’s end-of-time prophecy known as The Rapture, his response is stunning. “For me, I absolutely know, because when I died in 1992 for half an hour–and a guy once told me that God was AI, but it’s more likely that God is a virus in your brain–one minute I’m looking out my eyes and the next instant I’m looking down on the Milky Way, and for half an hour a virus in my dead brain is talking to me?” Decode says he glided all the way to the central sun, overlooking all the galaxies, and was conversing with God the whole time.

And it doesn’t end there. Decode continues the interview with details of the brown dwarf star Nemesis, the second sun in our solar system, our connection with the planet Nibiru and the doppelgangers and timelines that are with us in different parallel universes. As always, we ask you to judge the material for yourself. The video was mirrored, courtesy of the Jim_Crenshaw channel.

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