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Are NFL Games Rigged?

Jake The Asshole says that as we head into the 2022 NFL season next week, there still are too many fans who refuse to believe the sport is rigged.

Jake reports there are computer chips and magnets inside the footballs, which are used to manipulate the game. The most common manipulation, he says, is during field goals and extra point attempts, where the ball is guided–magnetically–to bounce off the goal posts, which he believes are also magnetized. It’s happening more often than in past years, he says, since the NFL admittedly began placing computer chips in footballs to allegedly gather data on speed and accuracy.

“I hate to pop anybody’s bubble, but most sports at the pro level are rigged in one way or another,” Jake says. “Too much money involved. Cheer on your team, but keep in mind it is all a show.” He explains further in the following video, courtesy of Jim Crenshaw.

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