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Ottawa Parliament Under Siege!

Reports have emerged over the weekend of the Canadian Parliament building being under siege! Both Canadian military and U.S. Federal Marshalls have been spotted on the scene! Large black trucks and vans are present! Here, both Guy Brummell and Norm Traversy report from Canada!

Also, in this latest video from McAllister TV, we get updates on the shape-shifting demon observed in the last video. Something is happening, folks!


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2 thoughts on “Ottawa Parliament Under Siege!

  1. Its about time don’t you think all will be changes will happen soon !

    • Yes, changes are now happening at a faster clip. At the same time, it’s impossible to predict exactly when the bigger changes will happen. The competing parties play cat-and-mouse games with each other, so what’s on the table and what’s not can shift from one day to the next.

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