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Ottawa Parliament Under Siege!

Reports have emerged over the weekend of the Canadian Parliament building being under siege! Both Canadian military and U.S. Federal Marshalls have been spotted on the scene! Large black trucks and vans are present! Here, both Guy Brummell and Norm Traversy report from Canada!

Also, in this latest video from McAllister TV, we get updates on the shape-shifting demon observed in the last video. Something is happening, folks!


Trudeau’s Pedo Agenda

While the world is distracted by the Freedom Convoy, Sandy Glaze tells “The Stew Peters Show” that there’s a dark underbelly of a state-backed pedophilia and human trafficking syndicate in Canada, enabled directly by Justin Trudeau and his friends in Ottawa.

Host Stew Peters brings us the details and also reports on the totalitarian way Canada and Australia are handling Covid protestors, and talks to Duke of Hazard’s star John Schneider about the changing tides in American culture.

UN Troops In Canada

Reports are coming in from all over Canada that United Nations troops are on the ground and may have been the most brutal abusers of the peaceful protesters in Ottawa. Worry grows as authorities claim they intend to prosecute all Canadian citizens who participated in the protests. More from RedPill78.

Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie shot point blank by police while covering live in Ottawa. Rebel News CEO Ezra Levant has spoken with Alexa and with legal counsel. We will sue the police on Alexa’s behalf.

Justin Trudeau and the Ottawa police are creating more protests around the world! The Freedom protests are also spreading across Canada at warp speed! Trudeau calls in the United Nations army and fake police, who have no authority to do what they are doing! Canadians keep sperading love and light! The whole world follows! This is the Great Awakening. More from McAllister TV.

Jean-Luc Brunel Suicided

Like clockwork, the Ottawa police move in to attack the Freedom Convoy and Jean-Luc Brunel is suicided in Paris. Will the American Trucker Convoy arrive in Washington DC ahead of Joe Biden’s State of the Union address? More from RedPill78.

Trudeau Speaks In Soft Voice

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with a soft voice. That’s his latest disguise, so you won;’t recognize he’s a flaming, full-blown dictator.

How can anyone in Canada support this goon? He wages war against his own people. An elderly woman was trampled to death Friday in Ottawa by police on horseback. Her blood is on the hands of the vicious Trudeau.

More from the Conservative Momma, in masquerade as Justine Trudette.

Honk! If You Love Freedom

After a two-year absence, The Truth Factory has returned to give us a clear and eye-opening look at the Freedom Convoy in Canada.

Did the truckers turn Canada’s Justin Trudeau into a raving fascist, or was he already so inclined toward despotism?

Here, we learn how he has conspired for many years to track, trace and spy upon all Canadians, violating their privacy rights. In other words, he’s always been dishonest and inclined toward crookery, and he has simply turned more callous and crude over time.

This is his legacy: “Justin has taken Canada so far into Clown World that the people’s only response is to honk back!”


Convoy: Threats And Risks

Should you go to Ottawa or send the government a message another way? I go over: Government Response, Danger Signs, Shady Characters, The Hack / Leak by the manic Aubrey Cottle and more…from Amazing Polly.

Trudeau: A Tinhorn Dictator

Tucker Carlson of Fox News slams Canada’s Justin Trudeau, saying the erstwhile prime minister of Canada has behaved like a dictator since blue-collar truckers rolled into the capital city of Ottawa to protest governmental covid restrictions. Trudeau never met the Freedom Convoy, not even sent delegates to hear them out.

He ranted, calling the truckers Nazis, while moving to seize their vehicles and freeze their bank accounts. Surely, there’s a distant island somewhere beckoning this Bay of Rigs jerk! More from Dinesh D’Souza.

On The Ezra Levant Show, Joel Pollak joins Ezra to discuss the implications of Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act to quell the peaceful Freedom Convoy protests in Canada. Pollak says the truckers have become “the new tea party.” Pollak is senior editor at large for Breitbart News.


Martial Law Imposed In Canada

As the trucker convoy protests continue to heat up in Ottawa, Prime Minister JustinTrudeau has enabled the Emergency Powers Act. The act can be used to bring in the military and declare martial law. They can use “any force necessary.”

This is what we have been preparing for. Could it simply be fear meant to force protesters into compliance? Or are they readying for mass imprisonment of freedom-loving individuals? Josh Sigurdson reports in a new edition of World Alternative Media.

Ahead of Trudeau’s imposing martial law, blue-check soy boy Dean Blundell doxxed the Freedom Convoy truckers and their donors. Needless to say, the leftist flamer, a former radio announcer, got all huffy when conservatives threatened to turn the tables on his sorry ass.  More from The Salty Cracker.


Communications Blackout?

There are reports that phone and internet services involving the Bell Canada and Rogers Wireless systems are beginning to go out in Ottawa Province, Canada. Members of the Freedom Convoy truckers protest believe this is a government-staged communications blackout. The end result, they believe, will be increasing and violent police attacks on truckers. More from Sixth Sense.

But Wil Paranormal says no blackout has occurred, only media reports suggesting a blackout is imminent. He says to be on the lookout for false reports spread as gossip on Facebook and other social media outlets.

Here is Paranormal’s latest update on the truckers’ protest, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau engaging in a one-on-one talk with a truck! Is Trudeau’s plan falling apart? Have many Ottawa police officers resigned?

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