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Inside The Storm

Linda Paris, the host of McAllister TV, lets us all know she survived Hurricane Ian, but there’s a reason she has not had a video for the past week. The eye of hurricane passed directly over her house, so she’s dealing with the aftermath, and still cleaning up all of the debris.

She writes, “Hi Guys! I just wanted to let you all know that we are still alive…although we were hit hard. I’ll have more on this later…but sincerely want to thank all of you who left me messages and have been asking about Truman and myself.”

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2 thoughts on “Inside The Storm

  1. JuliJo Peterson on said:

    Glad your ok Linda. Did you know that President Trump filed a law suit against CNN for $475M? Just thought I’d let you know. Miss your videos.

    • We, too, are glad to see Linda is doing well and survived the storm. We have run her videos now for more than four years, and she has quite an active and appreciative following among the readers of this blog! She demonstrates amazing courage as well as a snarky sense of humor!

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