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Weirdest Weather Phenomena

In a rare event, Hurricane Hilary hit the west coast, leaving parts of the desert covered in water. Although it was weaker than what was originally thought, some areas of California got more rain in two days than what they would normally see in a whole year. On the same day, an earthquake hit LA and created the term “hurriquake.”

Now, another tropical storm, Harold, has hit Texas. With the Maui fires and a weird pattern of strange weather all over the world, is this really just a result of climate change?

Could weather manipulation like HAARP technology be a part of disasters? How is China working on its own weather modification program? What would be the motivation behind controlling the weather anyway?

In other weird news, Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts found what might be the most substantial Bigfoot video they have seen yet. Join this Edge of Wonder live show as they go deeper into the weird weather the world is experiencing, plus a Rise.TV-exclusive Q&A and a meditation/prayer.

Do You Mind?

Clif High offers his interpretation of ancient literature when space aliens scoured the planet Earth, seeking humans to draft on a mind over machine mission. Sounds kind of spacey, and it is, but also quite illuminating. There’s certainly much we do not know about our origins and our history.


Scorching Weather In Texas

Temperatures have been soaring above 100 in Texas, but now the weather’s really getting hot. Here’s more from Memology 101.

Biden Wants To Block The Sun

The Biden White House releases a report detailing various methods the climate change “scientists” are considering to block the sun in order to save the planet. Instead of saving the planet, these leftwing wackos are much more likely to destroy it. They can’t resist playing God! More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

More Amazon Forest Mystery!

Despite being the largest rainforest on Earth, the Amazon jungle remains unexplored.  Researchers recently revealed that 68 percent of the Amazon remains unaffected by human activity.

Adding to the mystery, scientists discovered a satellite image that showed a massive opening in the Amazon jungle, an area surrounded by dense forests. Because it is impossible to reach by foot, could it be home to a lost civilization or remains of a long forgotten city? Here are more answers from Xandrewx.

The Freedom Cycle

Commenting on the new American Republic in 1787, Scottish economist Alexander Tytler opined that a democracy is not a permanent form of government and will continue to exist until the electorate discovers they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.

In the following episode, Everything Inside Me takes a deep look at human nature’s freedom cycle, which begins with a country’s rise from bondage to liberty, before falling back to complacency, dependency and, eventually, back into the throes of bondage. Here’s his fascinating report, courtesy of Truthseeker17.

Is Karma Real?

Indian monk and lifestyle coach Gaur Gopal Das says every choice we make has consequences. “You can call it karma, the law of action and reaction, but it’s the law of nature, it’s the law of the world,” he says.

Das joins London Real’s Brian Rose to further break down the factors surrounding karma, including the expected timeline.

Turkey’s Shaky Earthquakes

Black hats within Western governments used “weather manipulation” tools to aggravate earthquakes that struck in Turkey  over the weekend. That’s the prognosis of former CIA officer Michael Jaco, as well as Tarot card reader Janine Morigeau. They did a card reading that produced mixed results, indicating the earthquakes that struck in Turkey were natural events, but also events that were manipulated.

In other words, Turkey was going to experience these earthquakes no matter what, but might have seen bigger earthquakes as some sort of punishment. Why? The Western governments, Jaco reasoned, are miffed because Turkey has been siding with Russia in its war against Ukraine.

Jaco and Morigeau, the proprietor of Tarot by Janine, also delve into the vaccines. Their card reading shows: Vaccines administered before the 1960s were primarily for the good of patients, but those administered since the 1960s have become increasingly bad. We are no longer being given vaccines to improve our lot in life, but more often to maim us or to introduce dangerous and foreign substances to our bodies.

Otherwise, in this video, Jaco and Morigeau touch upon NPCS or non-player characters, why Trump has supported vaccines, how Hillary Clinton would have implemented political concentration camps if she had been elected, and why this year’s Grammy Awards Show featured such blatant Satanism.

Could Black Hats have even used “weather manipulation” tools to cause earthquakes? The answer is: Yes, they sure could have. Now, did they in the case of Turkey? The answer: It’s doubtful we’ll ever know for sure.

Here, JustInformed Talk discusses how the Turkish earthquakes, which killed more than 3,400 people, could be an example of asymetric warfare involving the use of HAARP. HAARP is an acronym standing for the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It’s based in Gakona, Alaska, and consists of an array of 180 radio antennas spread out over 33 acres.

The U.S. government regularly denies HARRP has ever been used for such purposes, but conspiracy theorists –even the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez — charged HAARP touched off the hideous Haiti earthquake in 2010.

So we’re certainly not going to get a straight answer here. But we’ll continue to poise the right questions until our government starts telling the truth more often.

Inside The Storm

Linda Paris, the host of McAllister TV, lets us all know she survived Hurricane Ian, but there’s a reason she has not had a video for the past week. The eye of hurricane passed directly over her house, so she’s dealing with the aftermath, and still cleaning up all of the debris.

She writes, “Hi Guys! I just wanted to let you all know that we are still alive…although we were hit hard. I’ll have more on this later…but sincerely want to thank all of you who left me messages and have been asking about Truman and myself.”

Hurricane Whips Across Florida

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida with 155 miles-per-hour winds and 18-foot waves, causing epic destruction. News reporters were in the thick of the storm, wearing baseball helmets for protection against projectiles.

The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore had some close calls after almost being struck by lightning. Much of Florida is closed down, including the state’s famous amusement parks. Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld are all shut down. More from Inside Edition.

The one saving grace: The storm came ashore across southwestern Florida, most of its thrust in the vicinity of Ft. Myers and Naples. The more heavily populated region around Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater did not take a direct hit, as had been feared. Michael Jaco, who now lives in Florida, discusses what’s happening.

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