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Call For A Debt Jubilee

Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel from the American Intelligence Media trace the long history of the Ashkenazi Jews, also known as the Khazarian Mafia, originally hailing from the Radanite district of Babylonia. These individuals served as the chief bankers of the Middle East as well as early traders, bringing perfumes, spices, incense and other precious goods via the Silk Road connecting Europe with the eastern coastline of China.

Although named as Jews, this group of individuals differs from the Canaanite Jews exiled into Egypt. They represent a separate ethnic stock, and there’s considerable debate over whether they are legitimately Jewish, or simply adopted the faith so they could more easily pursue their banking and trading pursuits.

Here, McKibben and Gabriel explain how these people still collect high interest or usury, same as happened thousands of years ago. Should there be a “debt jubilee,” so Christians and Jews can be freed from these tyrants?

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