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US: No Peace in Middle East

Greg Reese says despite Joe Biden’s terse statement that there is no possibility of a ceasefire in the Middle East and Donald J. Trump’s unwavering support of Israel, millions of people around the world have taken to the streets in one of the most peaceful anti-Israel peaceful protest ever.

America and its vassals stand alone with Israel. Reese says most people see this for what it is: an illegal occupation sliding toward genocide, which is good. “The world is on the brink of a Holy War and the only way to stop it is a mass awakening,” he says. Here’ his report.

Will Candace Join Tucker?

Will Candace Owens walk away from the Daily Wire and join Tucker Carlson in a new, soon-to-be launched conservative media platform? That’s the rumor floating far and wide since Ben Shapiro’s sharp attacks against Owens. Shapiro has pushed his backing for Israel to a shrill extreme, and forgotten that he is supposed to be addressing American audiences.

Do we generally support Israel in the Middle East? You betcha! But does that mean Israel can do whatever it wants, up to and including murdering children? Not at all.

Likewise, the Daily Wire can’t expect broad American support when it belittles Americans as vibrant and lively as Candace Owens. Bark up that tree and the Daily Wire will become the next media outlet, like the leftist Vice, falling into bankruptcy.

Here, Mark Dice summarizes the issues at stake in the beef between the two conservative powerhouses. It appears to be a straightforward, honest assessment. Time will tell.

Hidden Truth About Antarctica

Dustin Nemos returns to SGT Report with the truth about the nature of our reality and what they are hiding from us about Antarctica.

Enemy At The Front Door

4-D Chess. Moves and countermoves. The Enemy is at our front door. Truth works. Elon Musk calls the border crisis “staggering” and says the migrant caravans need to end.

Meanwhile, desperate Democrats are trying to block Donald Trump from running for President in 2024 by forcibly removing his name from ballots. These idiots don’t believe in democracy, they believe in totalitarian control and censorship. They stand against the principles of America, and should be defeated in every city and state across the nation.

Also in this edition: More decrepit shenanigans from George Soros. The Middle East continues to run hot. We are learning the sordid details about Joe Biden’s dirty money. Here’s the full story from And We Know.

The World Is On The Brink!

Fox News’ Jesse Watters reports that the world is officially on the brink!

The United States is now sponsoring a double proxy war against the Iranians and the Russians, China is eying Taiwan, North Korean weapons were just discovered in Gaza, and the State Department has just issued a worldwide travel warning to all countries.

Watters says our embassies are being mobbed, our military bases are under attack in Iraq, we just had to shoot down two Iranian-made missiles and we keep catching Middle Easterners sneaking across the southern border, all while Vladimir Putin is in China coordinating. Ladies and gentlemen: The storm is upon us.

A Democrat Praises Trump!

Former Democrat and Facebook executive, and venture capitalist billionaire, Chamath Palihapitiya, said it’s time for the left to stop hating the messenger so intently that they refuse to hear the message.

Appearing on a recent All-In podcast, Palihapitiya said the time has come to re-evaluate President Trump’s policies on the southern border and Middle East. Will this get through? Hard to say, but things seem to be crawling in that direction. The “Right Angle” crew of Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott discuss the about-face.


Gene Decode: Armageddon

Gene Decode says the chaos in Gaza is simply the Deep State using the Israelis and Hamas to play out Albert Pike’s morals and dogma which he wrote about just after the Civil War.

Appearing on The Sovereign Soul, with host Brad Wozny and co-guest Bishop Jim O’Connor, Decode says Pike wrote that the third world war would break out in the Middle East and conflagrate out into the final war, or Armageddon.

Decode digs deep into the cause and effect of the Gaza conflict, including a brief history of the area. He also rants on how we’ve been used for millennia to create a Satanist World Order, including the indoctrination of humanity with sports, which he proclaims are fake, fixed and a waste of your time.

Woke Schools

Colleges and universities are supposed to teach young adults how to pursue truth, goodness and beauty. But at far too many schools, administrators and teachers are more focused on creating leftwing activists who will champion their preferred causes.

Sara Carter says we’re seeing this play out in real-time on many campuses around the country this week, as large groups gather to denounce Israel, support the Palestinians and even defend Hamas. “The world is on fire because of our apathy, because we’ve forgotten or never knew how to stand up for another human being.” Here’s her report.

Did Biden Fund Hamas Attack?

Military psyop and Middle East expert Brian O’Shea rejoins Sarah Westall to explain the dynamics involved in the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. We discuss the obvious mainstream media propaganda drive and what could be behind their agenda. Here’s more from Westall on Business Game Changers.

China Playing Both Sides

Despite seeing itself as a peacemaker in the current Middle East conflict, China is actually screwing over Israel and Palestine.

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell looks at China’s response to the Hamas attacks, how its played both the Israelis and Palestinians for its own benefit and how this conflict now puts China in a tough spot.

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