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Exposing Davos And Globalists

Mel K exposes the evil afoot at Davos and the Globalists’ agenda. She makes her appearance here with The Flyover Conservatives, comprised of the husband and wife podcasting team of David and Stacy Whited.

“Right now, there is mass curiosity,” says Mel K. “Which is all we need — for people to look around and say, ‘What is going on? Where can I look? What can I read?'”

Call For A Debt Jubilee

Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel from the American Intelligence Media trace the long history of the Ashkenazi Jews, also known as the Khazarian Mafia, originally hailing from the Radanite district of Babylonia. These individuals served as the chief bankers of the Middle East as well as early traders, bringing perfumes, spices, incense and other precious goods via the Silk Road connecting Europe with the eastern coastline of China.

Although named as Jews, this group of individuals differs from the Canaanite Jews exiled into Egypt. They represent a separate ethnic stock, and there’s considerable debate over whether they are legitimately Jewish, or simply adopted the faith so they could more easily pursue their banking and trading pursuits.

Here, McKibben and Gabriel explain how these people still collect high interest or usury, same as happened thousands of years ago. Should there be a “debt jubilee,” so Christians and Jews can be freed from these tyrants?

Pearl Harbor Attack Preplanned

In a shocking reveal, J. Reid reports that the U.S. government knew ahead of time that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked. The debacle, he says, was preplanned by the bankers, Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt so it would drag us into World War II.

“What people don’t know,” Reid says, “is that Americans wanted no part of the war, but the warmongers did in order to enrich themselves (see video below).” Same ol’ Deep State playbook we see today. He brings us the details, beginning at the 20-minute mark of the video, discusses how humanity’s ascension into 4D actually began in 2012 and talks about the state of the Star seeds in our presence, plus more.

Here’s more detail on the planned Pearl Harbor shocker from

Non-Humans Running Milabs?

Are non-humans running milabs? More clips from James Rink on Super Soldiers talk and other sources, documenting military bases, as previously reported, interacting with alien species. Secret underground DUMBS funded by “bankers” and “banking families!” Military programs designed to transport human cargo! Invisible spy tech! 20 years and back programs! A fight with a 9-foot Reptilian and more from McAllister TV.

Banksters Flee New York City

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

  • Story #1: Media Silence Deafening as Fmr. Clinton Aide Confirms Epstein Ties
  • Story #2: Goldman Eyes Florida Exit As Financial Exodus from New York Continues
  • Story #3: Former Israeli Space Security Chief Says Aliens Exist, Humanity Not Ready

Wet Works And Pedo Networks

Researcher Mark Anthony Taylor returns to SGT Report to expose the shadowy organization which likely plays a direct role in wet works of Banksters – with ties to money laundering and pedo networks, these are some of the people you should be hearing about on the nightly news, but never ever do.

This is a two-part series. We present both videos below.

Via Clenched Buttocks

When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. Here, Black Pigeon Speaks shows why 2020 has become such a pivotal year, why the squeezed middle class is joining the fight to depose the Leftist mainstream media, the censored social media platforms, the banking cartels and the Globalist overlords.

We no longer are viewed as citizens. We are only needed as consumers. What will become of the screeching Social Justice Warriors these bankers pushed into our faces for so long? How about their archaic indoctrination centers, or so-called universities? We open with the Chinese National Anthem and a vow of loyalty to the World Health Organization. Welcome to Woke Debt Slavery.

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