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Simon Parkes: Tipping Point

Simon Parkes says we’re about to experience an amazing transformation of humanity, the turning point in our struggle to reclaim our freedom and our world.

Parkes discusses the release of a recent statement from the group associated with the patriot movement and the Quantum Financial System, which will be looked back as the turning point that gave substance to the Great Awakening. But, Parkes warns, not to look to the Seventh Calvary to save us all. “We are all the Seventh Calvary,” he says. Here’s more.

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2 thoughts on “Simon Parkes: Tipping Point

  1. Rita Brosius on said:

    Thank you Simon, My husband and i have learned so much over the past 2 plus years. We are 75 and 64 years old and greatful beyond words that God has chosen us to be here to see history unfold. We are here to serve.

    • It’s gratifying to know you’ve been enlightened by the work of Simon Parkes, one of the intel heavyweights. His laid back, yet persuasive style, make his podcasts must-see videos. Thanks for the kind words.

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