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Exit The Truman Show

Dr. Dolores Cahill joins Sarah Westall to discuss the Truman Show-like elements that have been manufactured as reality for decades. Today’s students have experienced only lies and deceptions. They have not been provided the basic foundations of science, medicine, government and law, leaving them desperately ignorant without the skills to fight for their own freedom and liberties. See more of Dr. Cahill on her websites at or This is the first video in a two-part series. We will present the followup later this week.


Warning, Storm Ahead

The Mainstream Media is now reporting that it is very important to open up the economy. Clouds are now forming over DC. The Storm is coming. Trump just ordered the Declass of everything, either today or Monday. The [Deep State] is pushing false flag events to change the news cycle. The declass will just happen. The [DS] will be caught off guard. All three movies will be playing. The [Deep State] is doing exactly what Trump and team want them to do: Bring in the National Guard. It is now being done in many states. The show is about to begin.

We all know the Democrats are going to go insane in the membrane over the coming week. As damaging information is declassified showing the degree to which the Democrats and Neocon Republicans have lied, cheated, stolen and screwed over America, they will explode — just like all those heads in Jordan Cronenweth horror movies. You can bet: They will dispatch Antifa and Black Lives Matter to riot and burn down cities. Perhaps you’ll be tempted to go outside and try to fight them. Don’t take the bait.

Let our law enforcement officers, our soldiers, our National Guard defend the United States from these morons. How do we fight them? Speak out, post your views, share your observations, without cowering in some dark corner. Join us in launching a blog to celebrate America and fight corruption. Learn our history and honor those who secured our freedoms. Do not despair. Do not fear these demons who try to intimidate us and censor our thoughts. Their days of pillaging our country, raping our children and bringing doom down upon the planet are coming to an end.

Be alert! Much will be revealed over the next five days. Pay attention! Do not be distracted by false flags. Most certainly, avoid the mainstream media. They lie like dogs!

This will be a trying period but we will prevail. And we will come out of this much stronger, with a greater resolve to defend our nation against enemies, domestic or global. To those of you in Europe, Asia, Australia and elsewhere: We’re going to be your bulwark again. We will help you to defeat an enemy we all have in common. But first, we have a little bit of housecleaning to do. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

Is there a secret plan to save our Republic? Will Joe Biden be inaugurated? Is it all the final trap? More from JustInformed Talk.

We close with Accordin’ to Jordan, the podcast from Jordan Sather. Here, he delves into the Declass, as well as the growing fortress around Washington DC. Joe Biden’s obscene vax plans get reviewed, as well as all the insulations around President Donald Trump. There’s a look at John Sullivan, the Leftist activist who played such a central role in the supposed Trumpster occupation of the U.S. Capitol. Sather also questions how much longer the fake pandemic will continue.

They Want Your Freedom!

Wow! They’re going after everyone. More from We Are Change.

Twitter permanently bans President Donald Trump. Have these Big Tech goons in Silicon Valley lost their minds? They are out of control. More from Memology 101.

Sargon of Akkad calls the widespread deplatforming “a vulgar display of power.” He says everyone should gird up because the censorship is likely to become even more “trigger happy.” These fiends have no decency nor any sense of human rights. More from Akkad Daily.

Traitors Declared War

Author, researcher and retired Professor James Fetzer makes his debut appearance on SGTReport to discuss the war that was declared on America on November 3rd, and the response from Patriots who are ready to fight to save our precious Republic.

1.2.21. Game On! Offensive measures initiated! Hold the Line, Patriots! More from And We Know.

Jordan Sather returns with his first video post of the New Year, discussing: 1. Lin Wood’s steely Tweets. 2. Republicans fail on Section 230 3. UFO over Hawaii and 4. The deadly new Coronavirus variant. More on Accordin’ to Jordan.

The Divine Spark

Merry Christmas friends. Crrow777 returns to SGTReport to remind us all that we are already free, we were born free and the only ones who can enslave us, are us.

A Salvo For Civil Liberties

Liberty is declining and the COVID-19 shutdown is a perfect example. Take the Draconian measures Gov. Gavin Newsom has imposed on the residents of the Golden State–lockdowns across the board and farcical stay-at-home measures.

Valiant Riverside, Calif., Sherriff Chad Bianca, one of a handful of California authorities who will defy the orders, put it succinctly. “The metrics used for closures are unbelievably faulty and are not representative of true numbers, and are disastrous for Riverside County.” He goes on to say Newsom’s edict is a direct attack on our civil liberties and freedom, and adds, “I believe that all jobs are essential to someone.”

Dennis Prager concurs and cites a case in point from the legendary 1969 Woodstock Festival in upstate New York. The rowdy “party” drew more than 100,000 people from across the planet right in the middle of the highly contagious Hong Kong Flu pandemic. The flu, which broke out in 1968 and lasted nearly two years, killed an estimated 1-4 million people worldwide. Yet, there was no social distancing, no masks, no shutdowns, no abuse of our civil rights. Unlike in today’s pandemic climate, why didn’t people get locked down then? “Because people believed in freedom,” Prager says. “It would have been unacceptable to Americans.” Hear more of his logic on PragerU.

A Call To Arms

Glenn Beck is truly worried about the state of the Republic. Filtering his post-election thoughts, Beck says we’re in trouble. For the first time in his life, he feels there’s no doubt America is moving closer to adopting Marxism, no matter who wins the presidency.

He admits he fought Donald Trump early on in his administration and he was proud to stand his ground. But after watching Trump keep his promises and do some amazing things for the country, he also admitted he was wrong and apologized on the air.  “I think Donald Trump is one of the best presidents we’ve ever had,” he says. “I had a hard time embracing his approach, but then in the last few years, I’ve had a really hard time seeing an approach that would work other than that.”

Now, as he reflects on the elections, the investigations and politics, he believes in the Deep State, he believes crimes were committed and he wants those guilty parties to be held accountable for their actions. So, he adds, “This message is your call to arms, not physically, but it’s a call to wake up, because the fight to restore American freedom will take every single one of us.” Here’s more from Beck on Blaze TV.

Crossing America’s Rubicon

America is a house divided. Half of America thinks Orange Man is bad. The other half loves him. This will not turn out well.

If voter fraud is proven and Trump is re-elected, the cities will burn. And if the Leftists win the White House, they are planning to round up their opponents and subject Trump supporters to trials and possible jail terms.

Black Pigeon Speaks calls this the end of the American Republic.

There were a mountain of peculiarities and irregularities in the vote counting process, but of course, the mainstream media says everything’s A-OK. Nothing to see here. Welcome your new president. Yes, America stands at a crossroads. More from Computing Forever.

We close with another British observer, Simon Parkes, who cites unnamed U.S. military sources confirming that widespread corruption and ballot fraud occurred, marring the 2020 Presidential election. In point of fact, says Parkes, President Donald Trump beat Joe Biden 290 electoral votes to 232 electoral votes. Not only did Trump win Georgia and Arizona, but also Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. It’s quite possible he also won Michigan, but the picture there is less clear, owing to massive graft.

Parkes says blockchain embeds were used, allowing the military to track all legitimate ballots. National Guard units, dispatched to more than a dozen states, backed up this effort.  The Supreme Court likely will rule against a Biden appointment, since his success has been fraudulently obtained. In other words, he is not our President Elect, but a cheater!

Conscious Rapper

Rucka Rucka Ali sings his new rap tune, celebrating freedom, Ayn Rand and independent philosophy.



Late-Night Cry Fest Continues

Last week, we reported on Jimmy Kimmel from ABC breaking down in tears over so many Americans supporting President Donald Trump. Now, another one of television’s late-night goons, Stephen Colbert from CBS, has followed suit.  Colbert is upset Trump is challenging election results.

Guess what Stephen? Trump has every right in America to mount such a challenge. And the voters have every right to vote for whomever they chose. They do not have to abide by your twisted wishes, you phony Leftist freak! More from The Salty Cracker.

Meanwhile, Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing Leftists to make up lists of Trump supporters and subject them to reprisals. Talk about reducing the United States to becoming another failed backwater bastion like Venezuela! The Salty Cracker gives us more insight behind Operation Gaslight.

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