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Breaking The Matrix

If you love America… it’s crunch time. And although unlike any other in history—this is war. The stakes have never been higher in my life.

Our freedom is at stake. Our children’s futures are at stake… and we’re barreling towards the most consequential midterm elections ever… against an enemy that has no moral guardrails, whatsoever. They are evil.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where are you are…if you’re rich, or if you’re poor— everybody can do something.

And for those of you that know me, you know I’m no sycophant of anyone except for my Lord and Savior. More from Joe Dan Gorman in the 10th anniversary edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Trump Coming Back Sooner?

The [Deep State] is in trouble. The patriots set a plan in motion and they cannot stop it. It is destroying their entire agenda. The people are seeing who the tyrants truly are and there is no escape from this. We are witnessing the destruction of the old guard and the [Deep State] is actually doing it to themselves.

Trump sends a message that his plane is almost ready to come back. Maybe in the fall of 2022 or sooner. More from the X22 Report.


In This Long Storm

Many are using their voice to report, warn, expose. We are entering into a long storm. We are only at the beginning. Many are already battered and worn! Everything will intensify as we move forward! Stay together! Stay strong! Pray! More from And We Know.

Ex-CIA agent Michael Jaco says the Democrats in power are going to try to keep the fall election from happening. Even CNN is now projecting the ruling junta will suffer a monumental defeat, losing both the House and Senate by large margins.

Jaco says the Democrats will attempt to use illegal aliens as voters whenever possible to counteract the massive opposition they face. But, in the end, they might delay the election, causing tsunamis, volcanic eruptions or other “earth changes” to disrupt the natural environment. Jaco also addresses gun control, vaccines and other current events in this appearance on NVTV with its host, Nicholas Veniamin.

Setting Humanity Free

Natural News’ Mike Adams says he’s received new intel that suggests we are in the fight with the globalists and have a strong chance of emerging victorious. He says the good guys will expose the global cartels, take them down, dismantle their power bases and literally set humanity free. Here’s more.

It’s Baaack!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the returning Covid-19 lockdowns in Asia and how it will effect the rest of the world, as mass deaths are tallied and the fourth vaccine is distributed in the United States and Canada.

“It’s starting again,” Sigurdson says. “This is something we were warned about, when governments of the world said, all at the same time,  ‘we’re getting rid of Covid restrictions.’ People actually thought the government would give back freedom, which has never happened in the history of mankind.” Here’s the rest of the story with World Alternative Media.

Most Dems Wouldn’t Defend U.S.

The  results of a recent Quinnipiac poll revealed that if the United States was confronted with a Ukraine-like invasion, a majority of Democrats said they would leave the country, rather than stay and fight for freedom.

Looking at the numbers, 40 percent of Democrats said they would stay and defend the country, while 52 percent would not. This compares to 68 percent of Republicans and 57 of independents who said they would stay and fight. Has the left poisoned American exceptionalism so much that these young liberals won’t age out of the anti-American rhetoric? Radio show hosts Clay Travis and Buck Sexton ponder the future of the United States in light of the poll results.

Why Modern Music Sucks

While sycophantic musicians like the band Rage Against The Machine and the ass-kisser Gene Simmons play as strong-arm men and “manufactured acts and artists” for the rich and powerful, a few musicians still raise their voices on behalf of freedom and the everyday common man.  Here, Black Pigeon Speaks explains “why modern music sucks.” Fortunately, he also identifies a few of the standouts in the crowd who haven’t sold their souls to the elite riffraff: Among them, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and Morrissey, as well as the comedian Dave Chappelle.

Conservatives In Hollywood

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Andrew Klavan from the Daily Wire about what the life of Hollywood conservatives is really like, how inflation and high crime can be turned around, and how the beliefs of Black Lives Matter harm those they claim to protect.

In this clip Andrew discusses the danger of the political bubble that most of the liberal elite confine themselves to. He explains how this only exacerbates political tribalism and political polarization. Andrew also shares what it was like to know so many secret conservatives and closeted Republicans in Hollywood and the damage done by groups like the Friends of Abe staying secret.

Here’s a second clip where Andrew discusses why the Trump phenomenon should not have surprised anyone. Many Trump supporters had either been insulted or ignored by politicians over the past few decades. He explains why Glenn Youngkin’s victory is so significant and conservatives should not despair.

He discusses how America has had rampant inflation before and rising crime in major cities like NY. That is usually when leaders like Rudy Giuliani or Ronald Reagan are able to come in and impose real positive change. He describes how even his Democrat parents voted for Giuliani because they saw the results of his policies. Andrew shares his thoughts on Jordan Peterson and the importance of morality and finding meaning in your life.

We close with Andrew Klavan discussing Black Lives Matter and how that Marxist organization harms the black community. Andrew discusses why morality and Christianity are so central to his life and the dangers of not thinking through one’s beliefs. He gives the example of BLM, which advocates for the lives of the black community, but seems completely unaware of how their policies damage the very community they claim to care about. Andrew also describes the importance of freedom and individual rights and why science as a religion has failed.

Freedom Isn’t Free

A handful of business owners are bravely defying the COVID measures and taking a stand for freedom. In this intriguing documentary, you will meet Kelly Hale, owner of J.A.K.K Tuesday’s Sports Pub in Kingston, Ontario, and see firsthand what small business owners are going through. Shot over three incredible days of ups and downs, you will watch the drama unfold and be left inspired.

The army of Everyday Heroes is growing larger and stronger every day! More from Amazing Polly.

Corruption At Highest Levels

The [Deep State] is now panicking. They do not know how to get Trump and the people are now waking up like crazy. The avalanche has started and it cannot be stopped. We are now entering the 4th quarter and Trump made a prediction: That the 4th quarter, we were going to see things turn around. This is the beginning of the fight to take the country back. This doesn’t mean violence. It’s about pushing freedom and showing the [Deep State] that we will not comply, that we will live free and the minority actions will not control the majority of this country. More from the X22 Report.

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