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Back To Future Predicts 9/11

Did the wildly popular film series, Back to the Future, bring us a forewarning of 9/11?

The following video, courtesy of 99Percent, paints an elaborate and scintillating picture of the eerie coincidences depicted in the film and the 9/11 tragedy, from the Muslim terror attack at the Twin Pine Mall (Twin Towers), to the mall’s clock that is set on 9:11 when turned upside down, to the 9/11 imagery on Main Street in fictional Hill Valley, Calif., when Marty escapes back to the future.

The video also suggests a connection between film director Robert Zemeckis and the reference to 9/11. Back to the Future was released in October 1985, while another Zemeckis production, The WalK, debuted 30 years later in October 2015. Remember when Doc asks Marty about the letter warning him of the terror attack? Marty replies, “You’ll find out in 30 years.” Here’s the report.

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