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Balenciaga Gets Dark

Balenciaga, the Spanish fashion brand, removed their sadomasochistic child porn ads after an huge outcry ensued over these offensive materials. But lo and behold, Balenciaga couldn’t refrain from the sick, dirty smut.

Their new ads show adult models now, instead of kids, but in the background, you’ll see a book by the so-called Belgian “artist” Michael Borremans. Calling Borremans an artist is like calling Adolf Hitler “a politician.” Borremans’ schtick consists of twisted, deranged paintings that depict children being dismembered, covered in blood, or torn to shreds by hooded figures. In other words, he’s among the Eurotrash pushing the same sadomasochism and torture behind Balenciaga’s original ads.

Our advice: Boycott this company. Steer clear of these fashions. There’s nothing fashionable, decent or artistic about child porn. More from Natly Denise.

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