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Proof Pandemic Was Scripted!

They mock us in plain sight. Witness this exchange on the fashion outlet, Project Runway, in 2019. A model wears a mask, created by a fashion designer named Kovid.  More from the Gateway Beast.

Women’s Street Style In 1938

Captivating glimpse of 1930’s women and their sartorial dress style in a small town in the USA. Filmed in 1938/39 by Ivan Besse, who ran the local cinema in Britton, South Dakota. More from GlamourDaze.

High Fashion

Sir Patrick Mack introduces the Met fashion show. In Pursuit of Truth adds a few other Quick Burns, including a Godzilla attack on Larry Elder and a review of the J6 event organized by the FBI, Google and Facebook.  Lotsa funnies!

Kamala’s Fashion Fraud

The Leftists screwed up Star Wars. They screwed over comic books. And now, they are ravaging the world of high fashion. Their latest travesty: Elevating the ugly step-daughter of Kamala Harris,  Ella Emhoff, who is exploiting her name to try to become a runway model. She made her debut this week in Paris. More from The Salty Cracker.

Ghislaine’s Terramar Project

Mouthy Buddha takes a deep dive to explore the hidden realms of the Terramar Project, the global oceanic initiative that was the brainchild of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s associate and procuress. Was Maxwell motivated by a passion for oceanic exploration and protection or was this project designed for more nefarious purposes? Perhaps the aim of the project was to control, own and dominate the oceans, perhaps to use these little-explored avenues to engage in exploiting and transporting children.

Here, Mouthy Buddha finds many of the Terramar Project connections quite disturbing. It’s linked to powerful individuals, foundations and charitable groups that have been shown to have a connection to child trafficking and abuse. Names that factor into this story include Richard Branson of Necker Island, Frank Giustra, the founder of Lionsgate Entertainment, and yes, James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington DC. There’s much to digest, so prepare to take your dive and venture off the deep end!

In a related story, Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard has been arrested and charged with sex trafficking and racketeering. Nygard, once dubbed “The Polyester Phenom,” built a billion dollar industry selling blouses and slacks at Sears, Walmart and other stores. He threw wild and lavish parties, and owned a huge estate in the Bahamas. He appeared in a Winnipeg, Canada, court on Tuesday after being arrested on U.S. charges of sex trafficking and racketeering. Nygard has been the subject of a CBC News investigation into allegations of sexual assault. More from CBC News.

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Peter Nygard, Bill Gates

BLM Protests=Coachella 2020

The world has lost it this time. Finally it has happened. We finally became a society that needs to signal our virtue but make it fashionable because Coachella 2020 was cancelled (postponed? deleted? who knows) and we need that fashion Coachella clout so much we’re willing to take advantage of the protests out there for a quick like and a quick follow. Bless us all as we descend into everlasting pit of narcissism & shallowness. More from Barbara4U2C.

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Shibuya: Tokyo’s Lockdown

Black Pigeon Speaks takes us to the Shibuya district in Tokyo. This is a gritty shopping and commercial district that straddles two of Tokyo’s busiest railroad hubs — the Shibuya Station and the Shinjuku Station. This is a district of great popularity with young people. Here can be found several famous fashion stores as well as Japan’s Internet technology firms. But there are also small walking streets where there are old-school pubs that can only accommodate a few people in tight quarters. This is a walk-though tour.

Nike Dropkicks Betsy Ross

Here we go again. The demonic Nike has dropped its new Betsy Ross flag shoes because the millionaire injustice monger, Colin Kaepernick, is squealing. The former NFL football player, a veteran loser, proclaimed the shoes represented racism, so he complained about them, leading Nike to drop the new shoe design. When does being a rotten football player stand as qualification to serve as a fashion accessorizer?

Kaepernick, your 15 minutes of infamy was up a long time ago. Nike, you are not only morons, you are satanic and deserve to have all of your shoes burned. More from Bill Whittle.

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Nike nixes Betsy Ross-theme shoes offensive to Colin Kaepernick. You’ll love what states like Arizona are doing about it. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Conservative Fashion Trending

Have any doubts that we are entering a new age of conservatism? Find out why the Modesty Movement is just another indicator that a new conservative age is rising. Dr. Steve Turley has the news.

Vatican’s Gay Mafia

There are Gay Mafia members everywhere, especially in the fashion world and Hollywood. But, now also in the Vatican. Jamie Dlux takes a look.

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