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Another Q Prediction Validated

Q-Post 497 from January 7, 2018 reads,





How prophetic that on January 7, 2023, just after the stroke of midnight, Kevin McCarthy won the Speaker of the House race on the 15th ballot. After 14 previous ballots, McCarthy’s win was apparent after a vote switch in his favor by Bob Good, a Republican Congressman from Virginia. And, of course, when did the win become apparent? As we said earlier, on the 15th ballot!

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2 thoughts on “Another Q Prediction Validated

  1. Boston Calling on said:

    I thought Fall of the Cabal was excellent but disagree that Trump is a savior (some savior as folks continue dropping dead from his warspeeded bioweapon injections). And by now most realize that Q is a CIA psyop.

    • Hakeem Jeffries, the new House minority leader, pokes fun of Q. So do the fake news outlets, like the alphabet TV networks or the New York Times. So we’ll maintain a more open position until we’re proven wrong by credible sources not leftwing agitprop outfits.

      As for the CIA, we look forward to the U.S. House investigating those scrubs as well as their dirty-bird buddies over at the FBI. The rungs of the US intelligence agencies are populated with dung.

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