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Brunson Decision Due This Week

Ann  Vandersteel, of The Zelenko Report, says the petition for a rehearing of the Brunson v. Adams case is now safely in the hands of the Supreme Court for consideration.

The petition would require only four votes from SCOTUS to advance to hearing. According to the website, the results of Friday’s conference have been delayed to this week, possibly as early as Monday, which is Presidents’ Day. In the following video, courtesy of Kek-Check, Vandersteel welcomes Loy Brunson to the podcast, who explains the case in detail.

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4 thoughts on “Brunson Decision Due This Week

  1. Etaoin Shrdlu on said:

    Whoever said “only four votes” are required for a rehearing to be granted DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT! Supreme Court Rule 44 (which governs this process) clearly says it will be granted “by a majority of the Court”. It is the original Petition for Certiorari which could have been granted had only four Justices wanted to, AND BRUNSON COULDN’T EVEN GET THAT!

    In addition, Rule 44 also clearly says that the Petition for Rehearing must be based ONLY on “intervening circumstances”, and on “GROUNDS NOT PREVIOUSLY PRESENTED”. Brunson’s petition VIOLATES BOTH REQUIREMENTS, since it essentially REGURGITATES what the Petition for Certiorari already said.

    How many times are websites like yours going to fall for this? The case is ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT MERIT, and not only is a DENIAL of this petition the likeliest outcome, but SANCTIONS for violating this Rule, and with obvious FRIVOLOUS CONDUCT are highly likely!

    • You’re certainly up to date on your legalese, which is impressive. But there’s no need to point fingers or hurl zingers! The fact that the court granted Friday’s conference in the first place, and is expected to possibly take up to a week considering a decision, suggests there is some merit to the petition for rehearing. I guess we’ll find out soon.

  2. Hazel Renton on said:

    What was the outcome?

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