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The Pelosis’ Blatant Cheating!

The Pelosis–Nancy and Paul–continue to turn a blind eye to stock-trading regulations, which stipulates it’s illegal to benefit from inside information.

Nevertheless, Matt Kohrs reports they continue to cheat with no regard for rules and regulations. Their latest caper came four weeks ago, when they sold $3 million in Google stock, avoiding a major hit to their portfolio. They conducted sales in $10,000 chunks following the report that the DOJ was filing a lawsuit against Google to break up its ad technology monopoly. Hmm, I wonder where the Pelosis got that piece of info in advance?

Kohrs says that despite the blatant and massive insider-trading abuses by the Pelosis and many others in Congress, the SEC just doesn’t care. Why? Because Congress writes their paychecks!. Here’s more from Kohrs.

Juan O. Savin: Decision Time

Juan O. Savin tells Unrestricted Truths that the Supreme Court decision on whether to hear the Brunson v. Adams election fraud case is rapidly coming to a head.

Savin says the SCOTUS decision is expected on Friday, Jan. 6. The case revolves around whether Congress violated their Constitutional oath by certifying the 2020 presidential election without first investigating a charge by 154 Congressional members surrounding the validity of the vote in six states, and whether there was foreign interference. He explains further and updates the details.

Fed Employees Pay-Raise Crisis

Next News Network’s Gary Franchi reports that despite rocketing inflation and a collapsing economy, Joe Biden granted federal employees a whopping pay raise of 4.6 percent on average via executive order, a move he was not authorized to do.

Biden says his plan is needed to offset recruitment and retention challenges. But if the new Congress enacts a different pay raise for 2023, that would take precedent over Biden’s plan. Here’s more.

Zelensky’s Pulling A Fast One!

Volodymyr Zelensky–Mr. Fantasy Man himself–is selling more fairy tales to Congress and the mainstream media.

Jim Fetzer reports that the Z-Man has Congress believing that Ukraine can retake Crimea! “This is frankly absurd,” Fetzer says. “Russia would never allow Crimea to fall back to Ukraine. It’s incapable of happening!” He says, with the exception of the corrupt media, no one else is falling for this nonsense, which is obviously a ploy to cover up the Biden Crime Family’s sinister dealings in Ukraine. Here’s more.

Justice Looms For Adam Schiff

Blessed To Teach features two segments of Julie Green’s prophetic word, one of which professes a tidal wave of truth is coming, including the release of the contents on Adam Schiff’s newly discovered laptop.

The prophecy describes Schiff as “a traitor and a snake, who can’t slither away from his treasonous acts.”  Host Rick Rene explains further, plus welcomes Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay to the show, who says to beware of the antics of Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis.

Juan O. Savin: SCOTUS Review

Juan O. Savin says the case regarding foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election has landed on the Supreme Court docket.

Savin tells Mike Jaco that contrary to rumors, the case was not placed on an “emergency docket,” but is part of the regular caseload for potential review. The case stipulates that because Congress didn’t take 10 days to review the information concerning foreign interference or manipulation of the 2020 election, they violated the Constitution and their oath of office from protecting the American public from enemies foreign and domestic.

Savin explains further and also gives his take on the FTX crypto scandal, plus more.

The Real Problem: Easy Money

HighImpactFlix’s Brian Young suggests the huge elephant in the room, the problem no one dares to talk about is the central-banking cartel. It’s the Federal Reserve note, which wouldn’t have a single iota of value if it weren’t for the Military Industrial Complex.

Young makes a strong case that government is not in control–not the president, not the Supreme Court, not Congress. We are slaves of the central bankers and their easy money. Here’s more.

Stagflation Has Arrived!

Normally, economic stagnation and inflation stay far away from each other. But as we witness the poor leadership and irresponsible spending binges of the Biden Administration and Congress, the time has come for the monster that is “stagflation.”

Everything Inside Me (EIM) reports U.S. GDP has declined in the first two quarters this year and matters are about to worsen. EIM says we are in the worst inflation bubble since the Jimmy Carter era and the cost of living has skyrocketed as a result, many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and businesses are laying off employees by the thousands. EIM explains further and discusses who’s to blame.

New Proof U.S. Is Corporation

Sarge, ICON2020 host, presents new evidence that the United States existed–and still exists–as a corporation, refuting a viewer’s contention to the contrary.

Sarge says his research at Delaware’s Division of Corporations clearly reveals that the U.S. is indeed a registered corporation by an act of Congress. The company corporation of the U.S. today is being run by the Deep State, he says. He explains further, plus reports that 71 legislators have been busted for being in violation of federal law aimed at preventing Congressional members from using inside information to enrich themselves.

8KUN Owner-Congress At Odds

It’s difficult to believe that Jim Watkins, owner of 8kun website where Q posts, remains at odds with Congress, despite his avowed support of the Constitution. Watkins joins Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy to discuss the two occasions when he was subpoenaed to testify before Congress, most recently when he was deposed by the Jan. 6 Committee, the Q posts and more.

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