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Biden Spying On Americans!

Official ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow says that over the weekend, there were reports the Department of Homeland Security has quietly been conducting a new program called the Overt Human Intelligence Collection Program, which allows it to request interviews with practically any Americans they want, circumventing legal counsel to do so.

Why is Joe Biden so intent on spying on Americans? This is not the first instance of this administration violating the Constitutional rights of Americans. Sekulow says that less than a month ago, the Biden FBI was caught spying on so-called radical traditionalist Catholics, whom they essentially labeled terrorists because they conduct their services in Latin. And let’s not forget, Sekulow says,  how we discovered that the Deep State FBI was potentially planning to utilize a spyware software called Pegasus in order to spy on Americans through their phones.

Sekulow welcomes ACLJ senior advisor for national security and foreign policy Ric Grenell for more analysis on the issue.

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