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Abuse, Rapes Of Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes starred in one of the most popular children’s TV shows aired on Nickelodeon. But for the duration of the show’s run, she suffered horrific abuse and rapes, much of it allegedly perpetrated by the man Nickelodeon had hired to produce and write the show — Dan Schneider.

Here, Red Pill 78  talks about Bynes’ tragic life. We learn how she continues to suffers great psychological damage. We also see how those who supposedly abused her — from Nickelodeon to Dan Schneider — keep operating as if nothing at all happened and certainly nothing for which they bear any responsibility.

Rumors have swirled around Dan Schneider as a serial child rapist. This is especially the case since Jeanette McCurdy, who played Sam on ICarly, released her autobiographical memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died, containing sexual allegations against an unnamed “Creator” at the Nickelodeon show.

The Los Angeles Times also ran an article last summer that discussed sexualized scenes in Schneider’s scripts. It was said he asked for massages on Nickelodeon shows.

Watch here as he attempts to hug Miranda Cosgrove, the star of ICarly, on her 18th birthday. The show members share a group hug and Schenider insinuates himself.

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