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Not Chillin’ Like Dylan

Bob Dylan stands accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl in 1965. He has denied the charges, involving alleged incidents at the Chelsea Hotel. More from Jamie Dlux.

Keep An Eye On Britney

The controversy surrounding Britney Spears will continue to grow, exposing Hollywood’s position as a major center for sex trafficking and the maltreatment of children. That’s the prediction of Mel K, who appears in the latest video of Nicholas Veniamin.

Mel K says to keep on an eye on the discussion involving the conservatorship over Britney by her father. What happened to her is a microcosm of what has happened to many young stars seen on Nickleodeon, Disney and other children’s channels. It ties directly into the stories surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

How? Epstein worked on behalf of Mossad, the CIA and possibly other intelligence agencies to run a powerful blackmail operation. Trafficking of children, and even the murder and cannibalism of children, was a central aspect of Epstein’s Little St. James Island, as well as his mansions in New York, Florida and New Mexico.

Mel K gets into several other big topics here, including the election audits, the United Nations, the Clinton Foundation, Haiti, and the origins of Covid.


Symphony Of Seduction

The heavy metal band Megadeth has parted ways with bassist David Ellefson after rumors circulated that he had been sexually involved with a minor. Here, Jamie Dlux examines those rumors. Ellefson apparently sent her a tape showing himself masturbating. The only remaining question: Was she underage or above the legal limit?

Immigrant Children Raped

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says that his office has received tips from those inside at least one facility in San Antonio that children are, in fact, being sexually assaulted. What can be done to protect these children? More from Ben Swann.

Matt Gaetz Sex Allegations

Bombard’s Body Language admits she doesn’t like Matt Gaetz, the Florida Congressman accused of traveling with a 17-year-old girl. Bombard’s reasoning: It’s not the sex charge that gets her riled, but the fact that she considers Gaetz “plastic.”

But here, she does her best to stick with a straightforward body language analysis of Gaetz addressing the charges. They were leaked out by the New York Times, apparently given them by a former Department of Justice official who Gaetz charges with an extortion attempt.


Another One Bites The Dust

John Geddert, former Olympics gymnastics coach, killed himself this week after being charged with human trafficking and raping underage girls involved in his program. More from Jamie Dlx.

Cuomo Faces Sex Charges

HUGE episode today! Andrew Cuomo spirals as new allegations of sexual assault and harassment emerge. A former child actress, Mara Wilson, addresses sexualization of kids by the media and Hollywood. We cover the four steps of Marxist takeover happening now in America. We reveal the Rothschild Covid connection from 2015. Democrats are coming for Joe Biden and the nuclear codes. Former Capitol Police Chief reveals the truth about the attack on the 6th and Bill Gates gives financial advice we WILL NOT LISTEN TO! More from RedPill78.

The Fed’s payment system charges. How has GameStop again entered the news? Tucker Carlson sets the Internet on fire with his Q comments. Joe Biden mocks the “bleach,” former President Donald Trump’s comments about treating coronavirus with hydroxycholroquine. Of course, Biden’s the one who has reopened a migrant center to put kids in cages! Is disinformation the new “bogeyman” these days? More from Jordan Sather on the latest Accordin’ To Jordan.

The Q comms continue to disclose amazing facts! This is about protecting the children. We will win! Pray! More from And We Know.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are making Trump more and more powerful with the people. Everything they have tried is now backfiring. Trump and the patriots already knew their playbook. 25th Amendment narrative is now going to be pushed. Democrats trying to get the nuclear launch codes. NSA tracking, Trump knew he always knew. More from the X22 Report.


Ghislaine’s Terramar Project

Mouthy Buddha takes a deep dive to explore the hidden realms of the Terramar Project, the global oceanic initiative that was the brainchild of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s associate and procuress. Was Maxwell motivated by a passion for oceanic exploration and protection or was this project designed for more nefarious purposes? Perhaps the aim of the project was to control, own and dominate the oceans, perhaps to use these little-explored avenues to engage in exploiting and transporting children.

Here, Mouthy Buddha finds many of the Terramar Project connections quite disturbing. It’s linked to powerful individuals, foundations and charitable groups that have been shown to have a connection to child trafficking and abuse. Names that factor into this story include Richard Branson of Necker Island, Frank Giustra, the founder of Lionsgate Entertainment, and yes, James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington DC. There’s much to digest, so prepare to take your dive and venture off the deep end!

In a related story, Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard has been arrested and charged with sex trafficking and racketeering. Nygard, once dubbed “The Polyester Phenom,” built a billion dollar industry selling blouses and slacks at Sears, Walmart and other stores. He threw wild and lavish parties, and owned a huge estate in the Bahamas. He appeared in a Winnipeg, Canada, court on Tuesday after being arrested on U.S. charges of sex trafficking and racketeering. Nygard has been the subject of a CBC News investigation into allegations of sexual assault. More from CBC News.

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Peter Nygard, Bill Gates

Hunter Biden Exposed!

More details are beginning to leak out about the Hunter Biden laptop — the one that none of the mainstream media outlets will touch, and that Twitter and Facebook are desperately trying to censor. First, we learned from Chinese sources that the laptop contains images — pictures and videos — of Hunter Biden involved in sexual trysts with underage Chinese girls. There were hints that these images also demonstrated acts of torture, although that remains to be seen, as the respective images have still not surfaced.

Now, word is circulating that the laptop also shows pornographic images of Hunter Biden engaged in sexual horseplay with a 14-year-old relative. There are reportedly images of the girl topless and also being posed in suggestive positions by Hunter Biden. More from World Alternative Media.

Trump is ready to push the economy forward. The [Central Banks] cannot stop what he is about to do: Separate the US from the globalists agenda. The [CB] are moving forward with their plan. They are running out of time and they are preparing the ground work for the reset. Trump is moving the country in a different direction and this will cause the hammer to come down on the [CB]. Giuliani is now dripping the [Joe Biden] and [Hunter Biden] facts out to the public. He is making them feel pain. For the next 10 days the Bidens will feel the heat. Will something happen? We will have to see how it all plays out. The email are now confirmed. [HB] signature is now confirmed. Crimes against Humanity are now on deck. How do you introduce this topic to the public? You must show them. It’s time. Have faith in humanity. They must see the truth. More from the X22 Report.


WOW! The Truth Is FINALLY Leaking Out!! In this video, we break down Hunter Biden’s laptop apparently being turned over to authorities and the response by Joe Biden and Big Tech. More from We Are Change.

Hunter Biden’s evil laptop. Rudy Giuliani setup by Borat debunked. Deep, dark evil exposed! More from JustInformed Talk.

Bombshell Epstein Revelations

Bombshell revelations are starting to emerge, painting an ugly portrait of Jeffrey Epstein and his international sex ring.  Many of his rich and famous clients participated, apparently sharing his tastes for young children.

Here, Steve Turley focuses on Epstein’s relationship with Leon Black, co-founder of the Apollo Global Management firm and the current chairman of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Black paid the pedophile some $75 million, reportedly for financial and auditing advice and assistance, from 2012 through 2017. The attorney general in the US Virgin Islands is trying to determine if money laundering was occurring.

Did Black or others join Epstein in his sexcapades? Black claims he was completely unaware of Epstein’s sexual habits and did not participate, although Black admits he took his family to Epstein’s island for what he calls a picnic lunch.

Also, here, new updates on Ghislaine Maxwell.




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