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No One’s Above The Law!

That’s the mantra of today’s leftists. But notice how none of them ever get indicted — no matter how many egregious crimes they commit!

They rape and murder children. They use money laundering to rob the American public blind. They use insider dope to make bundles off high-flying stocks. But none of those drug-taking, high-flying bastards ever face the music.

Here’s more from Glenn Beck, discussing Joe Biden’s felonious son Hunter Biden, as well as the shady investigative reporter Michael Isikoff who leaked advance “news” of the 34 indictments against former president Donald Trump. Isikoff is the same reporter who leaked the phony Christopher Steele data.

Someone needs to investigate him to see how he “uncovers” so much that dovetails with the interests of the CIA and Deep State. Exactly which deep, dark holes is he traversing?

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